How to Pack for a European Vacation

Thursday, November 04, 2010

My packing ritual is no joke folks. It usually involves over a week of mental preparation and an all-night session of styling on steroids. I like to pretend I'm Rachel Zoe's protégé and our celebrity client is being whisked away to Europe on a moment's notice so we have to act quickly!...And resourcefully since only 1 piece of luggage will make it on her trip. 

It begins with a color catalogue to determine which looks will best complement the climate conditions: 

10 days of rain and overcast skies? Bright, bold techni-color hues should do the trick.

*Grateful for a scarf collection that rivals the best of boutiques...amassed since I was a wee lass...understood the importance of accessories even then, go figure*

It's only fitting to appear super Gaudi when visiting Gaudi's architectural masterpieces in Spain. God forbid someone should cry contempt as the client in question (i.e. moi) completely disregards historical reference and a sense of time and place. The savvy stylist takes into account mercurial circumstances should the need arise. Which often includes minimal basics allowing for a multitude of accessories.

Scarves? Check! Belts? Check! Bling? Check, check!!

Make sure all items do double duty! Stuff socks and scarves in hats to retain their shape...Pack delicate jewelry with soft fabrics to keep them intact...

Group essentials by activity (i.e. daytime sightseeing, nighttime bar-hopping) for quick and easy retrieval.

Baby Bisu?...Aww Mama's gonna miss you, you little munchkin butt <3 <3 <3

Always shoot outfits beforehand for editing purposes. What may look appropriate on, will look much different behind the lens. Which look will ultimately make a transcontinental cameo?


Stay tuned and find out guys!!!...Happy Trails to me :D


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  1. Looks like I may borrow a scarf, or 2, or 3 or 4 before your return! LOL:P Great description on how to pack for an out of country vacation. When you are on the go, last thing you want to do is figure out how to look fabulous! That's prolly why I kept wearing the same things over and over on my Europe trip. Looking back at photos I was thinking... What a NO NO! Whatever was at the top of my packings was how I dressed. But will be sure to keep these handy tips for any future trips. Thanks for sharing! (I think outfit to the right made the cut!) Miss Ju already!


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