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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I could never tire of the Louvre. My perfect Parisian day would consist of the Etruscan collection with my morning coffee, followed by a light lunch in the Garden of Tuileries, midday snacking with Mona Lisa, and watching the sun set with the Renaissance. I could literally spend the entire day here, wander around aimlessly as I wait to be struck by another, and yet another source of stirring stimulation. Something about art that puts me in such a meditative trance...Ohmmmm...Ohmmmm...Ohmmm...Divine inspiration indeed.

Musée de Louvre

Vintage Leopard Coat, Zara Blouse and Jumper, Random Turtleneck, Nordstrom's Hat, Sam Edelman Boots

and for dinner...
Les Galopins

Right around the corner from our hotel...Traditional home-cooked French fare...

Vin du maison of course...with complimentary rose wine while we wait...

Upstairs leads to the chef's loft space...

Nothing like some rouge after a long, long day...

Spicy shrimp tempura salad...dressing was delish!...Tempura to shrimp ratio was a bit unproportional...altho super crispy and not too oily...

Chanterelle ravioli...Soooo much better with tabasco...Hey, if they're gonna provide it, i'm- a gonna use it...

Sauteed sole with tomato tapenade...So fresh and so clean...Tastes like summer...Too bad it's now November...but yummy nonetheless

Skirt steak with potatoes au gratin and caramelized onions...The one carb (save for my daily baguette) I could eat for days on end...Layers upon layers of creamy, razor-thin, potato soaked in butter and crisped to perfection...Sprinkled with a little sugar, I could've skipped the dessert...clearly one of my faves

Creme brulee...When in Paris, right?...

Caramelized Apple and pear tartlet a la mode...I could have simple eaten the savory potatoes and this sugary sweet confection and called it a day...Not too sweet, perfect amount of crust, and um hello?!...How can you ever go wrong with vanilla bean ice cream?...You can't, 'nuff said.

*Thankful to have taken art history in high school, undergrad, and AI...You seem to appreciate it so much more when you've been schooled...again, and again, and again*

More sightseeing, more shopping, more eating...ris tom


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  1. Love for the Louvre... You look like you belong to the Lourve. A peice of work, a peice of art so perfectly put together... with so much expression and personality! Lourve loves you too!

  2. Awwww thanks was raining all day so we were soooo glad to be indoors, inspired to dilly-dally all afternoon...tres romantique!


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