#JKID Project | Avec Nightclub

This time last year, I celebrated the first of many milestones that was in store for JKID in 2010.
My baby, Avec Nightclub was born out of the solemn ashes that would remain after having been laid off from my dream job and feeling completely deflated, but not undetermined to reach the first of many lifetime goals before the impending 30-year mark. As an aspiring, ambitious, and often delusional design student at the Art Institute of CA, I swore that one day I would conceptualize and create a dance club space that would rival any of the ones that I grew up around, having partied in Orange County since '94 (ogeez I'm old) and feeling like none were up to particular par. 

Set Design | Gossip Girl

Since I've got the reno on the mind and barely a buck to get this puppy started, what better way than to start in lala land and get my inspirational fix from Gossip Girl on hiatus? Trying to channel my inner upper-east-sider and fix the pad up with modern art against muted walls and saturated jewel tones to anchor every vignette. Hmmm...from double-story studio to posh penthouse status? Might as well seduce a single Penn Badgley while we're at it no?...*sighs*...a girl can only dream....

Trend Spotting | Industrial Heaven

Stuck in stucco should be SoCal's resident theme song as we (as in "I") yearn for the day when one can one day, call a Brick House (or Brownstone, I'm not picky) our own. No one tells you this, but where the East Coast builds homes clad in bricks and the Colonial States in sticks and stones, Orange County is home to the suburban stucco capital of the world! (Ok, more likely just of the U.S., but that's still pretty compelling evidence in my eyes). 

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