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Friday, December 10, 2010

What comes first: The runway or the reel way? If silver starlets are any indication of the hottest trends in fashion and design, you can look straight to current blockbuster hit (and surefire Oscar contender) Black Swan to represent the best in ballerina noir.

 Femme fatale feathers and layers of gothic lace make for good girls gone bad and surefire divas on the rise. Get on pointe this holiday season by pluming yourself (and your pals!) for the ultimate girls night out but please leave the pirouetting to the pros...
images via fgr


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  1. Can you feather a gal up for some naughty fun? Oh wait... Not joining you in Vegas...BOO HOO! So I will just have to tune in after next weekend to catch my very own bloglovin girl gone wild! Muah!

  2. Just watched Black Swan after BC and I gotta tell ya babe- Nat Port is HOOOOOOTTTT! A total shoo-in for Oscar gold fo'shizzo!!! Had me dancing the entire way home...kinda like how we felt after Step Up, but much more grown up of course! ahah


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