Blaze of Glory

Monday, December 20, 2010

Ohhhhhh Vegas...I often take you for granted since I see you all the time.
Much like the toxic codependency of relationships past, I miss you when you're away, yet the minute we've rekindled I'm convinced I'm not missing out at all.

The highs are oh so HIGH and the lows hit me like a 30th birthday hangover gone awry.

Sometimes you're good to me (Jackpot WON whoohoo!) and often times you're B-A-D (Jackpot lost boohoo!) . Argggghhhh! I've run the gamut of emotions with you LV!!! Although I'll see ya in a few, you know how we do ;D

MissSixty Dress, Material Girl Vest, Roca Wear OTK boots

Vegas-mania all dang week guys...get drunk, get crunk, get ready to PARRRRTAY!!!


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  1. i like how you dressed down the sexy dress!

  2. I love how you used that vest. It looks really great on you.

  3. I seeeeeeeee fire....blazing fire! Hope your winnings made your trip that much Vegas. Yes, the love/hate relationship. Not good, but always have you coming back for more! Love Love Love the sexy rocka my babe look!!!

  4. Thanks guys!

    That vest was some good luck it seems...won the jackpot with the rocker-chic look! Must recycle next Vegas trip :D


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