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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The bf and I are MAJOR "Top Chef" fanatics having been religious viewers since Season 1 when Harry rightfully took home the crown and kicked snarky Tiffany to the first loser camp (currently rooting for Viet-loving chef Angelo this season)! So much to our delight, Paul's Vegas birthday dinner would be held at Fleur restaurant in Mandalay Bay, Hubert Keller's (Top Chef Master-du-jour) most recent epicurean establishment specializing in modern global tapas with a hint of traditional French flair. Keller's more formal Fleur de Lys temporarily closed this past September to make way for his first attempt at more innovative casual group dining, thus Fleur was born to accommodate the general public (and their accompanying savory palette it seems).

Problem is, when a creative genius like Keller submits to "dumbing down" his cuisine for popular vote who does he really hurt? Food snobs like myself plus 30 others who deemed Fleur's fare wayyyyy too salty to devour all 12 small plates (plus 3 desserts)? His growing legion of Top Chef fans who expect all of the French flavors but none of the pretentious French snootiness that accompanies such fame? Seems that as your star power grows so does your social responsibility to appeal to the masses, which in turn may affect the bourgeoisie, but definitely not the bottom line baby. 

Hope it doesn't sound too much like I'm complaining because 15 dishes for $45pp, plus a personal meet-and-greet with Keller himself sounds like a steal to me! Then again, I've never met a blue-eyed, silver-haired, famous French fox I didn't immediately go googoo gaga for even before getting to the booze. What's French for "Omg. I'm such a groupie." ?

Visit Fleur Restaurant HERE, newly redesigned and now open to the public at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas


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  1. All the ladies looked marvelously fabulous! And I can't tell by the looks of Fleur's dishes. Beautiful colors and presentation:)

  2. Wow wow food porn, I really want to try that dessert on a stick, was it sort of like pancakey? Such a good idea...You looked faaab for what seems to be an amazing evening out!

  3. Thanks ladies!

    The presentation was gorgeous without taking itself too food, can't complain :D

    Shini- dessert on a stick= cheesecake dipped in raspberry glaze...super sweet, but a perfect little bite!


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