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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas down, only 1 more holiday to go!
Gosh, are y'all as anxious as I am to get a wrap on these festivities and get a move on already? 

Soooooo looking forward to new digs {currently on the drawing board to renovate my own}, new look {gotta shake things up a bit}, and a whole new approach to JKID and Haute Khuuture 2011 {when I say "JK", you say "All Day!" Oh man, y'all are gonna get soooo sick of me by Summertime *fingers crossed * ;D}.

Where I spent 2010 simply indulging my silly whims (i.e. reality television), 2011 will be reserved for taking this purpose-driven life to a whole 'notha level! Starting with the most pressing of matters: Dude, what am I gonna to wear for NYE?!?


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  1. Sparkle sparkle! Purpose on NYE is to twinkle and shine as bright as you can so it will last you the entire year until D2 remember & reflect... And we grow all over again! Shine baby shine! I will never get sick of ya. When I say All Day, you say JK!!!

  2. Thanks my dahling Riksie-poo! Purpose on NYE is to see all my girls...Sparkle sparkle, shine shine- together Forever!!! Couple days left of D2R we gonna go down? hehe

  3. Any of these amazing dresses would work! But yes sparkles,sequins, and glitter definitely the way to go for New Years!

  4. Heyyyyy!
    Thank you so much for leaving that super warm/fuzzy/lovely comment earlier! I always say to myself...maybe I'll just leave this whole blog thing behind...but then I stop. and I miss it. a lot. Is that your home in the post below? I love bathrooms and have always wanted one with mirrored glass all over it! YES!

  5. Vanessa! You're very welcome...I've been following your blog but never comment so I thought it was an opportune moment to tell ya you'd be missed! :)

    I work as an interior designer by trade, the home below is a client's that I just completed...thanks for stopping by!

    Xo- Julie

  6. new years for us is always spent at home with we are usually dressed warm and cozy. but, if i were going out, i'd definitely be in sequins!

  7. Ha cool post! I just did a post today about Sequins on my blog, "Bisou!". You should check it out!!!



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