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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Since great design never goes out of style, I love nothing more than to flip through all my archived H&G mags to find inspiration that once seemingly old, is of course now "new" again. Who wants a table full of traditional (and tacky!) red and green when you can set the holiday tone with a fresh and funky color story or one that's based on an ethnic theme?! 

 Skipping the mac n' cheese for Mediterranean fare?
Look no further than Greek-inspired fretwork and Moroccan wedding blankets to mimic the mood.

 Can't nix your tried and true turkey fest?
Channel your inner Don Draper and opt for a tablescape of evergreen hues for a feast that's locked in tradition, but looks anything but traditional.
Setting the Table Series scanned from vintage H&G mags


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  1. As a kid, I thought to myself... When I grow up I want to eat on beautiful decorative china & act all sophisticated like. Ummm… I'm all grown up and my red/black dishes & bamboo silver ware/chopsticks (that you helped me picked out) are all in boxes. Oh yes and still working on sophistication! Thanks for bringing back that feeling


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