Trend Spotting | Winter Wallflowers

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Seasonal funk got you wishing for summer fun already? Borrowing looks from fashion to the home front, rely on romantic patterns and tons of color to combat the grays and kick blues to the curb. 

(pictured above)

With the sudden drop in SoCal sun, I'm packing on bright florals to freshen my outlook and cozy western wear to comfort from the cold. 
Paul and Joe Spring 2011

If it's haute enough for Anna Sui, it's definitely haute enough for lil' ol' me!


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  1. Love this post. A fellow designer! So excited! I love your blog. :)

    xx rk

  2. Thanks for stopping by Rach...can't wait to see what develops for Studio Swag in 2011!

  3. The wild flower does it again! She creates a warm relaxing feeling for me on this blog. Remember when I got Trini to help execute my have to have Chinese writing special ordered wall paper in my guest bathroom??? OK, Now I'm almost feeling like soft touch of flowers on my bathroom wall would go so so well with aroma therapy LUSH bath bombs....YUUUUMMMM for the soul:)


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