You Fancy Huh

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You know how sometimes you get all gussied up, nail done, hair done, everything done done...then all of a sudden the night shifts into overdrive, you're dancing up a storm, having a blast, completely forgetting to document with party pix and then the clock strikes midnight (4am in Las Vegas time) signaling you to stumble home before you turn into a country bumpkin again?

Well, that's precisely how it went down guys...thank goodness I had enough foresight (just a tad) to take as many pictures in that first 45 minutes before surrendering to what some people would refer to as "a DOPE ass time."

Arden B. Dress, Vintage leopard belt, Madeline by Alorna Coat, Michael Antonio Plats, ABS earrings, Natasha bracelets, F21 ring, Limited bag

Funfunfun indeed ;D
Happy 40th Birthday Paul!!!!!


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  1. Well done baby dopie. You've documented just enough. Looks like this could be a fabulous NYE dress. Because it's me wondering what special ensemble are you going to stew up in a few weeks?
    Everybody looked amazing!!!


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