Trend Spotting | 50's Style by Don Draper

I'm assuming he's a distant cousin, twice removed from the Queen of Decorating Tastemakers, the one and only Dorothy Draper herself. Why else would I become so overly consumed with everything Mad Men that I've almost forgotten that Gossip Girl is on hiatus? Dashing yet tortured leading man (enlivened by Jon Hamm) + 60's sophisticated chic interiors + daringly suggestive plotlines = one happy psych-obsessed interior designer (i.e. moi). 

Trend Spotting | Statement Art Piece

Not sure what to do with that large expanse of wall behind your (insert "X" area here)? Well, look no further than a honkin' huge piece of abstract artwork to take your room from drab to fab with only $500 and a blank white box...Hey wait, wrong show-whoops. Some nights (like last night) I wake up with hot flashes of my DS debut and have nightmares dreams of reliving that first episode...

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