Trend Spotting | Scarlet Fever

Hands down, RED is ABSOLUTELY my favorite color. You will always find some trace of the hue in each of my interiors, touched up, toned down, it always makes a cameo. It's just one of those rare colors that instantly amps the level of style in a space and sexy on a body. 

Lottie Dottie

I love impromptu bar hopping-turned-clubbing with the boys nights.
Makes me feel like a young girl of 29 all over again when I could last at least a good 2 whole hours before it's wayyyyy past my bedtime and I start dozing off in my lychee martinis.

Design Star | Finale

Ms. Emily Henderson!!! I can't begin to tell you how proud I am that Em won the title and her own show on HGTV "Secrets from a Stylist" (premiering Sunday, Aug 29 10/9c). Em and I first met at the casting call back in LA when we auditioned in January. She and I were the last two girls left out of roughly 100 people that showed up that day (out of thousands that sent in tapes), waiting from queue to queue for the next round of advancement and casually (albeit a bit awkwardly since we were in competition) struck up a conversation.

Trend Spotting | Mixed Prints

I haven't seen daylight in over 4 days. I'm really not trying to jump on the whole vampire love bandwagon thing (although Robert Edward is pretty swoon worthy in my eyes), but I blame the weather for this hibernation and my incessant nocturnal need to only get busy after dark ;D. So in a happy-go-lucky effort to see what's actually going on in the world as I know it, I eagerly mapped out a mini-excursion to AnaCrime for a round of thrifting and vintage adventure shopping.

Trend Spotting | Haute Hippie

It's always such a travesty to have the September issues pouring in while the temperatures are rising and the A/Cs on blast. I'd be damned to let the sun beat down forcing sweat through my silks and aggravation on my accessories. Although I'm dying to strut the streets already with Rachel Zoe's line of ready- to-wear hippie chic vests on QVC and in the mags, I refuse to see the light of day until the thermostat reads a heart-healthy 72 degrees. 

Modern Global Glamour

For those of you who have been following along, since Day One, since Design Star, or just since yesterday as you were trying to look for runway worthy Haute Couture, I just wanted to send a HUGE heart-heavy THANK YOU from the inside of my soul for your support. Just 100 posts ago, I never thought anyone would read my baby blog, yet here you are, like little pink tongues and furry wagging tails seeing me through to yet another glorious day. 

Design Star | Episode Nine

Seems like yesterday when this DS craziness premiered and I was booted after the first episode. I've long been over my untimely departure but have been patiently (who am I kidding, rather anxiously I hafta admit) waiting to get my bobby socks knocked off by any ONE design/ designer/ design-related-drama, PLEASE?! 

Claridge Hotel | Diane Von Furstenberg Suite

The sight of designer DVF robes alone makes me want to book the first flight to London and check into the Piano Suite at Claridge's Hotel. Coupled with cozy cashmere blankets, Asprey toiletries, and a personal butler service...Geezus I am DYING over Diane's digs as we speak.

Design Star | Episode Eight

Now that we're down to the final four, here's the lowdown on what I'm expecting: Innovation in design ideas and no repeats of what's been done in the past (esp. during this season), individual challenges to weed out the weaklings and highlight the standouts, and of course stellar hosting videos showcasing tons of personality suitable for HGTV audiences (i.e. generalized jargon + "constructive" how-to's). 

Design Star | Episode Seven

DS's Kitchen Challenges are infamous for the painful demise of all contestants involved. Incomplete designs, impractical work triangles, inefficient use of materials, inoperable appliances, uneven countertops, tiles breaking off of backsplashes, vent hoods falling onto these makeshift contractors, ok...maybe not the last scenario but you get the idea.

Trend Spotting | Shanghai Nights

I've attended many a themed parties in my social life; however, none I've anticipated more than my darling Panda's 30th this coming weekend. We're honoring the motherland this time with an Old Shanghai~ Hong Kong Nights event where luxurious jewel-toned textiles adorn the costumes and garb while elaborate landscapes of red lanterns and pagoda temples set the tone for a night promising grandeurs of mystery and intrigue.

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