Trend Spotting | Living Walls

After having huffed and puffed my way through running 3.5 miles in 100 degree weather, I realized no amount of cardiovascular urban exercise is worth the damage to my heaving lungs. The dry heat alone sucked up all the juicy goodness from the atmosphere causing my average 7min/mi to slip down a few hundred seconds. That's a lot considering it was getting darker by the minute and with a bunch of crazies running around (present company excluded- thx Riks!), I was trying to get the hell outta there...pronto!

Trend Spotting | Retro Glamour

Since Mad Men's superlative success spawned a 60's fashion revival this Fall, I've been totally feeling a wardrobe transition into snug sweaters, circle skirts, and ladylike accessories. You'd think all 5'-1" {1.5" on a good day mind you, 5'-6" if you count the platties} of this petite frame would get swallowed up whole in layers of tulle and barely there kitten heels, but au contraire.

Gossip Girl | Paris Style

Spotted: S & Paree!!... Pinch me cuz' I must be dreaming! Combine my love for GG + Haute Couture + Fave City in the World + French Pop Soundtrack = the most perfect premiere episode EVER. The fashion, the drama, the cute French boys, the cute GG boys...Wait, Dan has a kid?...With Georgina?? I don't think so buddy.

Trend Spotting | Houndstooth

Menswear classics have been all the rage since designers decided to deconstruct the fabric and reconstruct the pattern for a look that's true and never tired. Traditional houndstooth gets a sleek makeover in everything from stylish home furnishings, to haute hotel branding, to avant-garde apparel. 

Trend Spotting | Leopard Print

I don't care what anyone tells ya: Leopard is ALWAYS in fashion. Every season they (as in the fashion industry) try to spin it like animal print is the new "IN" thing..."Rock spots like THIS and you'll be super stylish with minimal effort" blah blah blah. Truth be told, this Fall season's not about HOW you wear it, but all about HOW MUCH of it you dare to wear. 

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