Baby Nursery Designs

Instead of party invites, I've been receiving tons of blue-striped, pink polka-dotted shower ones. Seems like OC's been busting out babies like Bravo's been whoring out housewives. Most of my friends are either veteran mothers, newbies, or mommies-to-be which makes me (and just a small handful of my SoCal singles) the last of the Mohicans. And trust, I am FAR FAR away from co-mingling with that tribe but it doesn't mean I can't design one mean teepee folks...err, I mean nursery. Here's a head start on some of my faves me when Daniel Day Lewis (circa '92) has knocked you up.

Trend Spotting | Ruffles

All the leaves are brown...and the sky is it just me or is Autumn the most romantic time of year? When the air gets crisp and my closet gets happy, I am at my most agreeable stretch of the entire season. All I wanna wear is ruffles and lace and all I wanna do is kiss and embrace...and wax poetic evidently. Something about the frills and femininity...makes me feel like a young girl of 25, in love and on cloud 9. With my couture of course. Who needs lovers when you've got Lanvin ;D

Trend Spotting | Living Walls

After having huffed and puffed my way through running 3.5 miles in 100 degree weather, I realized no amount of cardiovascular urban exercise is worth the damage to my heaving lungs. The dry heat alone sucked up all the juicy goodness from the atmosphere causing my average 7min/mi to slip down a few hundred seconds. That's a lot considering it was getting darker by the minute and with a bunch of crazies running around (present company excluded- thx Riks!), I was trying to get the hell outta there...pronto!

The Redbury Hotel

Having just been opened a mere month, The Redbury Hotel is already making haute-worthy news courtesy of its celebrity curator (Matthew Rolston, a hospitality ingenue) and industry collaboration with Hollywood titan SBE (of SLS fame). The latest fixture on the corner of Hollywood and Vine prides itself on a familiar sense of place with a 70's rock star meets boho-chic aesthetic venerated by the neighboring hipster community. 

Trend Spotting | Retro Glamour

Since Mad Men's superlative success spawned a 60's fashion revival this Fall, I've been totally feeling a wardrobe transition into snug sweaters, circle skirts, and ladylike accessories. You'd think all 5'-1" {1.5" on a good day mind you, 5'-6" if you count the platties} of this petite frame would get swallowed up whole in layers of tulle and barely there kitten heels, but au contraire.

Trend Spotting | Autumn Neutrals

Ahhhh my favorite time of year. Although SoCal doesn't necessarily DO seasons, my closet sure is craving some cold, crisp air. I'm dying to bathe everything in a warm sunset glow with a hint of crimson and a flash of gold. Shorter days and longer nights suggests that nocturnal wonderland is somewhere waiting 'round the I'm off guys! Another adventure awaits :D

How to Shop Like a Pro | The Basics

If you're anything like most of my residential clients, you have NO idea where to begin. You know what you like and what you don't like, but haven't a clue how to put it together or piece it apart. Luckily for you, I've deconstructed the basics on how to get you shopping like a professional interior designer, or at least arm yourself with pro tips so you won't have to second-guess that next big $5000 sofa purchase...or something like it.

Skin on Skin

I love Mondays. Especially when a weekend without partying results in a fresh and focused approach to yet another full week of work work work. For the record, if you're trying to send out any prospective invitations, I am regretfully informing you that if the event starts anywhere past 9pm, I will be a no-show, fo'sho.

Tea for Two

Last Sunday after a harrowing weekend of too much partying, I peeled myself off the bed to get ready for yet another social gathering; This time, my darling Sophie's Tea Party Birthday Lunch. The dress code: tea dresses and headbands. The time: half past noon. Just on my way out the door, I received a message that the tea party had been cancelled!!...Sacre bleu! Dress on, hair did, makeup done...what do I do now?...

Best of Rue Magazine

As a slightly obsessive magazine subscriber, every month I look forward to plopping down on my Queen-sized Novaform bed (I'm currently auditioning alternate spaces for this vocation) with puppies on one side and a stack of fashion and decor issues on the other. Currently in rotation: Vogue, Elle, Bazaar, Lucky, InStyle, Marie Claire, Glamour, Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, Interior Design, Hospitality Design, Boutique Design, Nightclub & Bar Design, Dwell, Western Interiors, and of course, US Weekly. If you're wondering, as I do month-by-month, how the hell do I have enough time to go through all of these periodicals?

Olivia Palermo for Asos

Sometimes a spread gets trends so spot on, it makes high fashion appear approachable and way less intimidating to style. Asos cleverly snatched up Olivia Palermo, goddess of wearable couture, fashion's current "IT" girl, to model their ready-to-wear, straight off the runway looks in catalogue form. Embellished menswear, neutral wool capes, even a silk shirtdress paired with Chuck Taylors...C'mon, the girl makes street walking look chic. 

Gossip Girl | Paris Style

Spotted: S & Paree!!... Pinch me cuz' I must be dreaming! Combine my love for GG + Haute Couture + Fave City in the World + French Pop Soundtrack = the most perfect premiere episode EVER. The fashion, the drama, the cute French boys, the cute GG boys...Wait, Dan has a kid?...With Georgina?? I don't think so buddy.


Club-hopping in my 30's doesn't quite sing the same infectious song as it did in my carefree, resilient 20's. Now, I cap out at 1.5 events per night {meaning I'm at a ripe 100% at the first event and a good 50% at the second...don't even get me started if there's a third...which mind you, there WAS}. All in one evening, all in the same outfit.

Martin Margiela | Hotel Design

I'm not one to jump on the "all white room" bandwagon; however, when executed properly, the experience becomes nothing short of genius. I mean, how can one "Live Out Loud" when the entire space is bathed in colorless creams and forgettable brights? No color for contrast, no cause for comparison...Who actually gets all white rooms right??

Trend Spotting | Houndstooth

Menswear classics have been all the rage since designers decided to deconstruct the fabric and reconstruct the pattern for a look that's true and never tired. Traditional houndstooth gets a sleek makeover in everything from stylish home furnishings, to haute hotel branding, to avant-garde apparel. 

Scenes from a Surprise Birthday Party

I'm officially party pooped y'all. I was so relieved to learn that we were staying local this holiday weekend only to find out we had back-to-back birthdays, barbeques, and gatherings galore. I swear they call it labor day because drinking becomes the most laborious thing about it. 

Wet 'n Wild

If Carolyn Murphy and Co. made a cameo to your backyard Labor Day Pool Party, hope they're coming clad in itty bitty bikinis sure to melt the butter off the barbie. Steven Meisel shot this spread for Vogue Italia circa 2005 seducing readers with the slightest smirk to suggest there's a helluva lot more to making a splash than a second skin suit. Subtle and sexy? SUPER-model indeed.

Trend Spotting | Leopard Print

I don't care what anyone tells ya: Leopard is ALWAYS in fashion. Every season they (as in the fashion industry) try to spin it like animal print is the new "IN" thing..."Rock spots like THIS and you'll be super stylish with minimal effort" blah blah blah. Truth be told, this Fall season's not about HOW you wear it, but all about HOW MUCH of it you dare to wear. 

Good Day LA

Some weeks I don't leave the house at all and other weeks I'm out in the field for DAYS at a time. This week's business ventures summoned me to LA where I shopped 'til I dropped (for clients of course) and peppered in some breathing time for coffee and cocktail hour with my favorite Angelenos. 

Guest Speaking at The Art Institute

The most inspiring years of my professional career began way back when I was at the Art Institute OC. Imagine developing your design skills amongst hundreds of artistically creative peers just as eager and determined as you were to excel at your craft. Imagine stepping foot on campus every day met with the most stimulating montages of graphic design, web design, industrial and product design, fashion and photography...everywhere you turned there was something even more rousing mustering up in an adjacent corner. Oh how I miss those days...Back when I was a spring chicken and AI was my competitive coop.

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