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I'm such a p*ssy when it comes to Halloween. And no, not of the black cat crossing your path furry feline type of All Hallows. The superstitions I can deal with, it's more of the ghosts and goblins and spirits that psyche me out. I can't even sit through a Paranormal Activity trailer without getting all scurred and perturbed that some partially wet, raven-haired poltergeist is skulking right behind me. And I really don't care how Disneyland dresses up their Haunted Mansion during the holidays, it's even more disturbing when scary Santa's beckoning you from the graveyard, in lieu of swirling overhead sheets. OooOooh I'm getting chills just thinking about it.

Styling Your Vanity

In an effort to feng-shui my workspace, I spent the latter half of yesterday evening cleaning out my double-stacked bookshelf which included all of my old design school artwork and tons of back-copied House and Garden Mags...aww tear. Even though everyone and their mamas yearns for the Domino of yesteryear like it's their discontinued signature scent, I don't quite share the same sentiment. You can literally find scores of suspended Domino images all over the web, but H&G? A little more elusive, a lot more valuable in my eyes.

Trend Spotting | The Dome Chair

I have been ogling these chairs for the past 5 years now after discovering them plastered all over Kelly Wearstler's former studio on Kings Road. Every day upon arriving for my internship, I'd waltz right past her private office (swoon!), past the oh-so-glam kitchenette (bling!), and right upstairs to the all-white conference room where rows upon rows of current mood boards hid wall-to-wall shelving and mountains of sumptuous fabric swatches. Symmetrically positioned on opposite sides of the room were the inspirational images behind Viceroy Anguilla and the Tides South Beach, both gleaming with glamorous possibilities and the Queen Midas' golden touch. 

Trend Spotting | Think Pink

Since October is officially National Breast Cancer Awareness month, I'm dedicating today's post to empowering women through thinking PINK and feeling proud. Raising awareness means getting yourself (and all your peeps) to your local physician for an annual checkup and educating others with insight and support. For more information on NBCAM, please visit their website HERE. Knowledge is power!!!

Trend Spotting | Greige

If greige is the new beige then OC's abundance of track homes is in dire need of a major upgrade. I have never met one SoCal abode that wasn't completely saturated in every tint of tan and tone of taupe. It's time to *live a little* peeps and what better way to channel Fall's minimalism-chic than to outfit yourself {and your interiors} in a creamy, calming grey-on-grey-on-grey.

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