Scenes from Sophia and Steve's Hawaii Dream Wedding

S&S's destination wedding in Honolulu, Hawaii was nothing short of spectacular.
The bride beautiful in her vintage-inspired Lazaro gown, the groom handsome and splendid in his Joseph Abboud tux. 38 guests celebrated as Sophia and Steve tied the knot after having spent half their lives as BFF's before finally succumbing to everything fate had in store for them.

Hawaii Photo Diary | Dress to Decor

You know how they say alcohol is the best remedy for a hangover?
I'd like to think an 80-proof swig in the a.m. is the perfect anecdote to get me rockin' and rollin' by the p. With that in mind, I'd also like to pretend spending a near week in paradise is just the ticket I need to cure my over-partied, over-played, beat down, belated-birthday body. 

Food Porn Friday | Habana | Costa Mesa

I first fell in love with Cuban cuisine while living up in Portland, OR. Who would've thunk that I'd have to travel to the City of Roses for authentic, hometown favorites like fried plantains, Ropa Vieja, Arroz con Pollo, and THE BEST DESSERT in all of the land, Tres Leche cake!! *yum..drools* 

Scenes from Annie's Bridal Tea Party

I'm normally a super smiley person. I don't take life too seriously (although minor tantrums prove otherwise), I chuckle at all my own jokes (regardless of wit or humor, or lack thereof), and my laugh lines run so deep you'd think I'd have buried the secret to eternal youth up in that mug. 

Let There Be Light

Something about the lazy days of summer that instantly put me in an illusory trance. I dream of dancing into fields of fresh young dandelions, first gliding my fingers over their prickly parts, then twirling about their floating feathers as if orchestrating some melodic composition. 

Hot Pink Time Machine

Birds are chirping, skies are blue, the sun is FINALLY out and proud, looks like SoCal's getting summer after all, whoohoo!!! When pitch perfect conditions call for high-octane color, you know I'll be the first to crave anything glitzy and gold with bold shots of hot! 

Trend Spotting | Glam Rock

When I first started the blog, I had no idea which way she was gonna roll. Fashion or interiors, design or was all the same to me. Until closer inspection this entire last season revealed tons of my personal street style that was neither here nor there, rather relying on frivolous rants and my daily raves. Sooooooooooooo, here's the new deal peeps...every post this month will feature a little bit of both...after all, style is style no matter what the medium, right??! 

Trend Spotting | Emerald City

I'm a total sucker for a shot of bold color anytime, anywhere. The single most foolproof way to amp up interiors and ensembles is with a nice, clean palette then BAM!!! Bright lights, BIG city. Currently my favorite go-to green, emerald screams MAHVELOUS while cousin Kelly quietly speaks to spring and Hunter's better left for parks and recreation. 

Honeysuckle Wedding Wear

Spent the entire morning trying to recover images from my weekend extravaganza.
Three friggin' days of ensemble pix gone. POOF! Vanished like my mind after scrambling to r-undelete the last 72 hours of my life. I swear every blogger's been through the motions so I dunno how I've managed to escape the treachery unscathed for so long. 

Food Porn Friday | The Crosby | DTSA

We'd be a bunch of lushes save for the fact that along with those bottomless cocktails comes scrumptious eats and if we're lucky (or loud enough) personal Chef meet-and-greets. Last weekend's festivities seen HERE brought us down to Old Town Santa Ana, part burgeoning mini-metropolis, part alternative answer to every suburbanite's protest to the lack of a true artists' district. Feels like a dive, looks like a lounge, and best of all? No snooty staff members screaming at you to keep it down. Whooooohooooo Santana comin' up y'all! Love this joint!

Ikea Hacker | DIY | Gilded Drum Lamps

I have never met a glossy black and gold gilded anything that I didn't immediately go goo-goo-ga-ga for. Be it furniture, accents, accessories, or handbags, hell, I'll probably keel over if I spotted an 80's style black velvet prom dress with dangling gold extras at my local thrift store. At this point I'd probably describe my own personal interior style as Shanghai Regency. If it's lacquered up and completely covered in something shiny and metallic, chances are I've got a piece just like it sitting in my studio. 

Haute Khuuture turns 1 today!!!

This time last year I was fresh off the show, back from New York, and seemingly in limbo until I mustered up the verve to finally commit to Haute Khuuture's very first post. A year before that I had never even heard of a fashion blog, hadn't a clue what blogging entailed, and don't even get me started on RSS feeds and followers (to which I must admit I still understand very little of). Yet here we are, 365 days, 29,800+ views, 272 entries, and hundreds of newfound friends later...I am one happy-go-lucky Haute Khuuturier :D 

Food Porn Friday | Bottega Louie | DTLA

I've actually had this in my archives for some time now and finally getting around to blogging about one of THE most craveable eateries in downtown LA. Bottega Louie, all the rage on the Yelp-o-meter, equally illustrious on my own personal account. Part patisserie, part bar, part bistro, think bodega-like-eats on a super-duper bougie level. 

Ikea Hacker | DIY | Ikea Granas Dining Chair

I'll bet my entire coat collection that every household in Orange County owns at least 1 item from Ikea. I'll even bet a few designer handbags that's certain your 1 item from Ikea is now either broken, damaged, dinged, tattered, frayed, or long forgotten. What we love most about Ikea is usually what we learn to hate about it in the long run: Inexpensive comes with major instability. 

Escape to Viceroy Anguilla

Dreaming of the day that I can try out for The Bachelor just to experience the best of exotic locales from dipping in the hot springs of Iceland (Ally's season) or touring through the Serengeti on Safari (MY ULTIMATE DREAM VACAY!!! ahem, Beeze!). Since Brad's taking the final (6)? to Anguilla next Monday, it's only fitting that we fantasize about being a bachelorette for the day feigning quixotic chemistry just to lie on the beach, drink a little bubbly, and rub up on dude's bodacious bod. 

Trend Spotting | All Black

I remember going through this impossibly high-fashion high-school phase where every day I turned to my uniform of choice: black on black on black. Coupled with permanent Japanese hair-dye solution to really top off the blackestness, I appeared to be what some would consider "a ticking time-bomb." Save for the fact that I didn't tick and if I heard any talk of "goth" I was gonna blow. 

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