Food Porn Friday | Season's 52 | Part I

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm all for living-breathing-eating green, so when a dining experience like the newly opened Seasons 52 in Costa Mesa "invites guests to discover sensational flavors of a seasonally inspired menu" with entrees all boasting 475 calories or less, you can bet that I {and pretty much all of fit-crazed SoCal} would be on board. 10 appetizers, 15 entrees, and 20 cocktails later, we are all in mutual accordance. This place sucks. 

Overcooked fish, quarter-sized filet, and one entree's uncanny resemblance to a poor man's Lean Cuisine (can you guess which dish from the ones below?).

Every dish lacked seasonal substance and crucial attributes of craveable cuisine. Save for the $48, 18-piece dessert tower that solely saved Seasons 52 from superlative sucknage, I will never come back here again. 

Nix the novelty and serve some good food dammit! So simple, no?

Happy Birthday Huong and Linhy!!!
Gosh, the one time Yelp fails us (4-star rating?!?)...ARghhhh!

Joie Blouse, Alberto Makali Shrug, Tart leggings, Vintage boots, Jacket purchased from random Chinatown boutique in NYC, thrifted belt, F21 rings, Macy's headband


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  1. o0h the desserts look so yummy :)

  2. Enough said. There is no need for me to visit this place with a description like that and I trust your taste buds. You looked cute though:)


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