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Thursday, January 20, 2011

We're down to the wire with this residential remodel and I'm currently in the midst of the artwork assortment phase. Whereas designing for hotels demands casual, yet commercial selections for gross purchasing, designing for private residences involves a more personal practice, where final selections should elicit provocative responses from the client and users for essential effect. Instead of merely rushing out to the nearest retailer of mass art production (or in the usual case, local flea markets and antique shops), I've been scouring the web for local emerging artists with a hand for abstractions and an eye for imagination.

Meet Lana Gomez, LA-based artist du jour featured in the LA and NY Times, InStyle Mag, Naples Illustrated Mag, and other countless local publications in SoCal. You might know her better as the artist made famous by Kelly Wearstler's Midas' Touch. Gomez's work is the absolute highlight seen in Wearstler's design studio office where the nearly floor-to-ceiling abstract painting grounds the space with its richly vibrant hues and ode to a totally 80's modern aesthetic. Lauded for the overall integration of color and composition within the space, you simply cannot imagine the room without the art and the art without the room. If that's not a clear cut testament to the magic of mixed media, I dunno what is.

Kelly Wearstler Design Studio

Other personal faves:

Check out more of Lana Gomez HERE !


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  1. Very interesting.... I may be seeing Gomez in one of your future project?

  2. From the first moment I saw it, I became so smitten with this fantastic, magnificent, gorgeous painting in Kelly's space, along with all furniture and other elements!!
    Enjoy your weekend my beauty!!



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