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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm proud to proclaim surviving one of those weekends where back-to-back events with babies and birthdays usually have me beat. After a Saturday night spent celebrating with all my besties, I was up and at 'em come Sunday morn preparing for an all-day extravaganza schmoozing and boozing from 2 in the afternoon 'til 10 o'clock come nighttime. 

Although I haven't quite mastered the elevated octane level required to masterfully maneuver JK All-Day, I've finally succumbed to embracing secondary assistance in fluid form. My little secret? 5-hour energy baby. Considered to mimic liquid crack to many-a-skeptics, I like to down 1-hour's worth at a time (approx. 1/4 bottle) and BOOM! I'm back in the game y'all. Too pooped to partake in all the fun? One little red bottle says it CAN be done!

Thrifted blouse & skirt, Banana Republic belt, Michael Kors boots, Limited bag, F21 earrings, Natasha bracelet (cuff), gifted jeweled bracelet, F21 rings, Goody headband

I'm a walking spokesperson, man....send me some freebies pleeeeeeeze! ;D


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  1. Everything is on key! Colors, patterns, coordination, make-up, hair...flawless! This is a treat for my eyes. It has got to be one of my favorite looks from you JKID, YTD and it's only Jan! Beautifully put together!!!

  2. Thanks my love!!! Spent a doozy putting this together but 2011 is all about Making an effort!! Thx for the love bday baby!! Xo


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