Golden Globe Glam

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I lovelovelove Awards Season.
Had I been Rachel Zoe's intern in another life I would virtually DIE over every glittering bauble and STFD (Shut the front door) watching Anne Hathaway KILL yet another Red Carpet roundup. 

It's no wonder that I tune into every show breathlessly anticipating the minute any Zoe-bot zooms outta the limo and into the spotlight. You can bet she'd stand front row and center, instantly cam-manding attention with a head-to-toe look that's poised to perfection and dissected to the deets. That is until Brangelina make their cameo of course causing the entire crowd to go B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Can't quite compete with Hollywood royalty even if you've got the styling queen on your side. But Khuudos to those willing to give it a try!

My Hands Down Fave for the Night:
Anne Hathaway (styled by Zoe, above) in Armani Prive. Bold shoulders, slim silhouette, natural hair and makeup...Keep the shape simple and bling out the body in shimmering sequins and paillettes. Looks completely effortless, but traffic-stopping fo'sho.

Spring/Summer 2011 Top Color Trends: 

Heidi Klum in Marc Jacobs. Critically panned ensemble but I give her major props. Love how fun and carefree she looks, a def. sneak peek into hippy revival of spring fashion...burnt sienna, deep coral, reds, and nudes...Super romantic with just a touch of organic detailing makes the graphic look relevant and unique.

Emma Stone and Claire Danes in Calvin Klein. Bold minimalism at its maximum best. Super sleek silhouette, blush and bashful shades, and a tiny bit of bling make for the perfect spring look. From runway to rooms, classic forms or eclectic accessories look equally chic when paired with tonal tints. Paint any room with these punchy colors and instantly transform the look from winter blues to haute spring hues.

Red Carpet images via yahoo, Interiors via elle decor, L'andana Hotel, scanned via h&g mag (2)

Which Golden Globe looks topped your Glam-mo-meter?


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  1. Wow I've never seen it compared like this before I REALLY like it! Hey, who's the genius?
    Emma Stone's is probably my favourite, weirdly. I feel like I need a dress like that but I guess first I need to mould my butt and waist to warrant such a dress...

  2. Ha! Funny girl...they've got Spanx for that ;D

  3. Anne & Rachel never lets us down. I loved the RZ episode where Anne visits Rach for another red carpet event. Can't remember which. They had great chemistry, and they are friends with complete trust in each other. Now if only, you can design a room for each interview to match the personalities. I guess that's when they do it at celeb's homes. Gotta get you in their crib's gurl!!!

  4. Love this post! I think Anne Hathaway wins hands down, but I love the Emma Stone look, too...
    I am enjoying finding your blog!
    Great stuff!



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