Scenes from a Very Happy New Year!!!

Monday, January 03, 2011

I have to admit...we're getting off to kinda a rough start. I swore that I would make a completely conscious effort to document more ensemble posts since I ALWAYS remember to bring the cam...yet somehow always forget to stay sober enough to make use of it. What good is the perfect party dress when I don't have one single ounce of evidence to prove it? I faintly recall it being a masquerade party...maybe there was even a confetti countdown with a massive balloon drop?...There was DEFINITELY champagne and booze aplenty... Was your New Year's just as shadowy and indistinct as mine can attest?

2011 resolution: More partying, less compromise! What kind of design/fashion blogger posts party pix without la pièce de résistance, the pouf-perfect princess outfit du jour?!? Call it irresponsible, out of control, hell even I'm convinced it was pretty reckless on closer inspection. Although I'm already mentally preparing to recycle that sucker come season end thankyouverymuch. Who said negligence doesn't equal near genius in some cases?! Things are lookin' up after all, y'all. 2011 baby...can't wait to see what develops! 

Welcome to world of Haute Khuuture, never a dull moment it seems :D

Vintage Leopard coat, masks by JKID, F21 earrings

"Clothes aren't going to change the world, but the women who wear them will."
- Anne Klein, fashion designer


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  1. Love your site babes! never a dull moment for reals, not a hair out of place, nor never in need of some lipgloss for pix. Loves it!

  2. Thanks for reading my lovelies!!! OC 2011 whoohoo!!! Let's get this party started!!

  3. Ooooooooooohhh what a night! No matter what went down, what we remember, what we don't remember... we ain't too dramatized to jump into our 2011 groove... Let's dance!!! And thanks for prettying up a mask for me so we were able to pair up for pics... or lack of...


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