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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I love that Hollywood is a town of many faces. On any given day the same town that disposes of fake talent faster than you'd dump a 2 month-old pint of milk can also grant facelifts to once-forgotten hotspots and call them the new IT place to see and be seen again. Case-in-point, Hollywood nightclub heavyweights Dodd Mitchell Design Group and Mogul Interiors are the sole collaborators responsible for saving every sinking Joe Schmoe Ultra lounge from ultimate obscurity with a simple sleight of hand and a flick of the wrist.

Garden of Eden has become MyHouse...Mood Ultra lounge now MyStudio. Employing entire teams dedicated to re-styling, re-vamping, and ultimately regurgitating said lounges to become the hautest club west of the 101 since the last time they waved their magic wands, I'm sure DMD + Mogul could possibly makeover Heidi Montag's faux career if they wanted to. Interior designers turned miracle workers? Judging solely from the transformation of these has-been venues, who said it can't be done?


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  1. OMG... can't believe it was Mood, and now My Studio. Love it 10x more!!! Thanks for your recommendation on where to take out-of-town'ers.
    I followed you list and all it took was to hit the first happening joint. Love it all the way. VIP treatment all night baby! Wish you were there:)


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