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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I remember going through this impossibly high-fashion high-school phase where every day I turned to my uniform of choice: black on black on black. Coupled with permanent Japanese hair-dye solution to really top off the blackestness, I appeared to be what some would consider "a ticking time-bomb." Save for the fact that I didn't tick and if I heard any talk of "goth" I was gonna blow. 

After having thrift-shopped by way through my entire teenage years, I was simply ready for a no-fail, no nonsense, no holds-barred approach to practical, utilitarian, everyday dressing. I simply wished to open my closet and have every top go with every pant, etc...Who made pre-pubescent public high school teens the leading authority on fashion forward style anyway? This was late-nineties mind you, pre-Olsen mania, post-Madonna rama. You could say I was behind the times. I'd like to think I was wayyyyy ahead of it.

Modern day noir deserves a shot of neutral, non?...


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  1. Black on black
    I want my baby back
    What's old is new
    The way it looks on you
    So I go back to black
    For the simple fact
    It's so Khuu....ture!


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