Olivia and Johannes | Hottest Couple Everrr

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Take one pretty Palermo, add her hottie-patottie German counterpart, and what do you get? One sizzle-fied, smoking-haute, too sexy for the states spread in Elle Germany magazine. When one reality-tv villainess isn't enough to land some major press (let alone keep the City afloat for another season), it's time to grab the nearest Brühwurst and bring some much needed wattage to a near dimming light. 

With a new beau on her arm (Johannes Huebl, seen below) and a new show in the works (take that Whit!), there's no telling where this socialite/actress/jewelry designer/model will turn up next. With a face like porcelain and a vision fit for pros, I'm actually hoping somewhere in the halls of Vogue...or the silver screen, we'll just wait and see. Surefire way to up your star status? Why, add star power naturally.

Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl for Elle Germany Dec 2010 via vogue diaries


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  1. Hot dang... Olivia looks gorgeous! Not to mention her beau is sizzling. Olivia always finds a way to still the show, only this time she taking the entire stage!


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