Escape to Viceroy Anguilla

Friday, February 11, 2011

Dreaming of the day that I can try out for The Bachelor just to experience the best of exotic locales from dipping in the hot springs of Iceland (Ally's season) or touring through the Serengeti on Safari (MY ULTIMATE DREAM VACAY!!! ahem, Beeze!). Since Brad's taking the final (6)? to Anguilla next Monday, it's only fitting that we fantasize about being a bachelorette for the day feigning quixotic chemistry just to lie on the beach, drink a little bubbly, and rub up on dude's bodacious bod. 

Currently rooting for Emily (widowed blonde) although it seems life sure wouldn't suck with a spitfire like Michelle by his side. Dun dun dun...stay tuned! 

Visit Viceroy Anguilla (designed by Kelly Wearstler) HERE
and catch all new episodes of The Bachelor Mondays on ABC 8/7c

Hope you all enjoy a fabulously relaxing weekend!!!


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  1. Need a vacation like this! Too bad I don't have much time to enjoy television these days...


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