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Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm one of those girls who truly believes that you get what you ask for. By soliciting that sort of energy to the universe you will either...

A) change the cosmos with your vibrating premonitions of forthcoming fate and destiny 
B) change your own actions with the constant repetition of vocal programming.

Either way, the fact that I shop for a living requires me to channel all my good vibes into expecting that each and every excursion will yield exactly what I'm looking for. 

Chunky sweaters for transitional dressing between the seasons...gorgeous estate jewelry to add to my growing handle satchels for grabbing on the go...hats, scarves, and hootenannies for that finishing touch...No matter what my intuition, I find it best to lay it all out there and let the universe do its thing. 

It's called the law of attraction peeps, look into it and lemme know how it works for you!

Vintage hat, Bf's Ted Baker shirt, Central Park West Sweater, F21 accessories, Chloe Bag, LAMB pumps, Marc Jacobs Sunnies

I'm off to go thrifting now....*Law of Attraction in full effect!~*


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  1. Thanks for leaving the sweet comment on my blog! I decided to check yours out and love it you are so pretty and I LOVE your style! I’ve been reading past posts and looking at your insanely great pictures. I wish I had someone to take my pictures hahaha I just started following today! I'm a new blogger and need all the support to get some new followers! If you could follow back that would be cooler than wooden platforms!

  2. I love this! I like how simple, yet chic this is. Thanks for leaving such a beautiful comment on my blog, I appreciate it lots! x

  3. love your blog and style!! :D def following!!
    follow me back?


  4. Gorgeous bag! Definitely a classic! xo style, she wrote

  5. your hat is perfect! it is the perfect glam touch to the outfit. is your tattoo the pisces symbol?

  6. Love the hat! I am just finishing up an outfit post around a hat! Love the lock on the bag too!

    love from SF,


  7. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! I'm so glad you love Emily and Anastasiya's collection just as I do :)
    Love your Chloe bag btw!

  8. You look beautiful! Great photos!

    Xx Dans Mon Boudoir

  9. wow the accessories rock. your rings are fabulous: love the color and the fact that they are big and bold. but what i love the most is your gorgeous hat. it is so perfect and so ideal for spring. love the combination with the shoes and the blouse.

  10. Thanks for your comment! So jealous that you get to shop for a living! Your shoes are gorgeous!x

  11. Yo Yo Yo... looky what we have here... Build it and they will come! Here they are and more on the way!!!

  12. love your outfit and your blog! :)

  13. I agree, you'll definitely get what you want, especially if you work extra hard for it.

    Anyways, the outfit looks great! The purse especially is stunning. :)

    Lubna | elle VOX

  14. Beautiful images and a powerful sentiment!

  15. What a great photos and your outfit is beautiful. I love the hat as well:) Happy Friday

  16. That Chloe bag is perfection.

  17. i love this outfit and those shoes are amazing! the sweater looks really good paired with these pieces :)

    Beneath the Glass

  18. Ahhhh you look so lovely!! The chloe bag is gorgeous <3

  19. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your style! Absolutely terrific! Huge fan from now on!

  20. Just found your fun blog. LOVE your outfit!! GORGEOUS! Come by and visit me some time at I ♥ Nap Time.


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