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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

With spring just around the corner and morning sun beckoning me up before noon, it's time I take this little side project out on dry land to see what OC's been offering up these days. 

With beachy breezes just down south and the mountain dews an hour up north, who knows where the wind will take me...but here's hoping it's wayyyy more adventurous than cramped quarters in bed battling the tail end of this cold/cough/flu and definitely more inspiring than watching good/bad dramedies on the tube. Here's to seizing the day!!!

Elle Espana November 2010 via le fashion

Happy Hump Day guys..
Hope it's bright and sunny wherever you are!


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  1. It's the tail baby doll... so when you are ready to come out, I will be ready to join!

  2. Amazing editorial, thanks for sharing!!!


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