Trend Spotting | Emerald City

I'm a total sucker for a shot of bold color anytime, anywhere. The single most foolproof way to amp up interiors and ensembles is with a nice, clean palette then BAM!!! Bright lights, BIG city. Currently my favorite go-to green, emerald screams MAHVELOUS while cousin Kelly quietly speaks to spring and Hunter's better left for parks and recreation. 

Honeysuckle Wedding Wear

Spent the entire morning trying to recover images from my weekend extravaganza.
Three friggin' days of ensemble pix gone. POOF! Vanished like my mind after scrambling to r-undelete the last 72 hours of my life. I swear every blogger's been through the motions so I dunno how I've managed to escape the treachery unscathed for so long. 

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