Amanda Nisbet | Kips Bay Decorator Show House

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dude, ever since spotting Amanda Nisbet's design for the Kips Bay Decorator Show House on V and M, I simply cannot get this stunningly glitter-fied space outta my mind. 

From the dramatic juxtaposition of contrasting time periods and super cool color story, to her brilliant usage of modern artwork within an 18th century frame of mind, I am literally going nuts over each gleaming nook and ca-ca-ca crazy over each blushing cranny. 

Wallcovering that screams Barbie on acid and bedding that whispers sweet nothings at night, a boudoir that's sure to inspire anything but sleep in these quarters. 
Did someone say slumber party??? My kind of bedroom for sure!

For more information on the artist behind the tongue, visit Marilyn Minter HERE
Sooo provocative, gotta get me one of those prints!


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  1. Awesome bedroom, and I feel kinda cool because I have that Audrey Hepburn book!

  2. OK that is a sweet bedroom! I love anything that glitters :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. This room is amazing! love it!


  4. This looks amazing!! I could totally sleep in that room!

  5. I want a bedroom just like that!

  6. Awesome feature! And thank you so much for commenting on my post about the Domino and Details books... always fun to make new blog-friends! :)

    The Present Perfect

    Stay in touch! xo

  7. I want to get my hands on that book- What would Audrey do?

  8. That print above the bed completely *makes* that would have a totally different feel without it...GENIUS! And I'm seriously crushing on that fabulous wallpaper...


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