How to Pack for a Weekend in the Bay Area

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Leavin' on a jet plane...I'll be back sooner than you know it (Sunday, actually)...
Celebrating double birthdays with my ride-or-die chicks that'll take us first to Oakland, then Napa, and back to the city before leaving our crazy imprint all over three towns. 

But first, handpicked ensembles and accessories to go with each day and personally double-duty as my road-guide to travelling in style. 

Packing Tips: Lay out entire outfits including jewelry, handbags, stockings, and shoes. That way you can see what you're missing and edit accordingly without skipping a beat. It helps to pre-pack these items together in your luggage for easier retrieval first seen HERE. I always try to mix and match colors making sure I don't overdo any one hue. Who wants vacation photos with all black and white ensembles anyway? I know I don't. 

Pack jewelry into single ziplocks to prevent tangling and stow in purses/ clutches before loading into luggage.

Roll coordinating separates together for a truly wrinkle-free and fool-proof way access to everyday ensembles. It also makes for lots more room in your luggage.

Space-saving tip: Stuff boots with socks and intimates

Take full advantage of your luggage's garment bag for those delicate items that need to be hung.

Since we're only going away for the weekend, I like to keep all my makeup essentials in a separate caboodle so that I can 1) hand-carry on the plane 2) have more room in the luggage for clothes

Layer rolled items into your luggage on one side (cotton items first) and separate with shoes on the other

The second layer should consist of your toiletries, purses, accessories, and extras. Since airport officials always search checked-in luggage, I find it easier to leave the knick-knacks on top so they don't rummage through perfect packing.

Got my caboodle, my luggage, my new luggage tag that I scored at Sophia's Bridal Shower (below, thanks Lan!)...and we're off!!! Here's to happy trails, minus rain, sleet, and snow *crosses fingers*

Happy Thursday y'all!!!
Be sure to come back for Food Porn Friday tomorrow!!!


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  1. Loved your make up bag or luggage (i don´t now what is the correct term). hhahahaa Xoxo

  2. ahhh so organized. im going away for the weekend too. ugh i hate packing but the way you do it makes it seem not so hard


  3. Great post on how to pack. I'm having organization envy right now (: Have a safe and fun trip!

  4. love your shoes!!

  5. Great tips! I love seeing how other people pack for vacations! :)

  6. I love your shoes!!!!! Wish that suitcase was mine (because of all the items in it ofc.) ;)

    XX Trine from Denmark

  7. perfectly packed ;) great post!


  8. Great post...i wish i'd seen it earlier. I just got back from San Francisco and did way too much shopping and packing was a real pain!! Wasteland at SF was just mindblowing!! hehe..

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!! appreciate it!! i love your blog..will be your new follower!!


  9. Love your clothes, shoes, make-up... fab! Have a great time girl!

  10. This post is so informational :)
    I can't seem to travel light these days, brilliant tips!

    p/s Love the accessories, and your luggage


  11. You have one GLAMOROUS luggage. The things you are bringing are so glam. We hope to see more photos soon. XX

    Btw, on your latest post, I'm "f". I accidentally pressed enter.

  12. great packing tips! i love your shoes too :)

    thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Fashion Bag 411

  13. how cute! traveling in style i see =). i'm from the bay area too! do tell how your visit went and what places you visited!



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