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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sorry for the lack of design posts guys...I get so carried away with style sometimes it's almost like I've forgotten what my day job is. I swear every blogger's guilty of straying from their bread and butter especially when that honkin' piece of steak looks too delicious to pass up and the dessert cart is simply within tongue's wag away. Believe you me, it's not always about food and fashion (really!) on days like this, I'd like to ease y'all back into the core of it all with what else?...Rock n' roll rooms that not only transport you into the homes of the fabulously rich and famous, but make you feel like a guilt-free groupie all over again. It's like I've died and gone to high gloss heaven y'all...animal prints optional, but highly recommended.

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  1. So classy!

    Following you from Portugal*

  2. WOW these are beautiful.. so inspiring! :)


  3. Oh my - I'm loving these rooms! And, your blog is adorable. Now your newest follower! Thanks for stopping by - hope you come again soon!

  4. Beautiful *_*
    - New post.

  5. soo wow :)))


  6. What glamorous interiors! I love the black and white curtains. Ada

  7. Wow, amazing!! :)I love the bed on the first picture!

    XX Trine

  8. the chic style :)

    so cool

    ps- Thanks!! :)

  9. Wow, love the chic details of these rooms! Love the mirror with the lamps in the bedroom (I have one with lamps coming out from the mirror itself in my library, so you know I love it!) ... in fact, that entire bedroom looks like a beutiful hotel room. Also love the look of the framed prints with snappy black frames combined with the leopard pillows. Ooh La La. Thanks so much for stopping by the blog, darling. Left you a little response, as always! Here's a quick link to take you right to comments

  10. gorgeous and your title made me laugh out loud!!

    and just wanted to say thank you for leaving a comment on my blog - you are the first person that i don't know to do that!! :)

  11. You have an amazing blog, just found it and I love your design pics. You're a great writer and I have to admit if I had the right house I'd definitely do the leopard print pillows. They can be so chic in the right room.

    Following you now
    I have a fashion blog here in San Francisco

  12. So many beautiful details - thanks for the inspiration! x

  13. Yes, yes, and YES! These are so cool and glamorous at the same time...I'm a fan of the black and gold combo pretty much *every time*...

  14. A Designer after my own heart (and close to you in San Diego). I've been seeing such light interiors for the past few days until I stumbled upon your blog. I love these darker colors because they are so mysterious. I recently did a posting on black walls to mixed reviews and even equated myself to Elsie de Wolfe's tragic, twisted sister (that she never had). Anyways, cheers to glamourous, mysterious spaces!

  15. love these luxe spaces! a little bit classic, and lot sexy!!

    thanks so much for your sweet comment on my home. means a lot ~ looooving your blog! ox

  16. Love the images ..
    Thanks for sharing it ...


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