Red Rover

Monday, June 27, 2011

I've been hanging onto this Rebecca Beeson blouse for almost 15 years now.
She's only been rocked a couple of times but each and every moment brings back fond recollections of carefree summers sunning on vacay or afternoons spent shopping 'til I dropped.

In the past decade, I've attempted to sell it on a multiple number of occasions without any luck. Each time vendors pass on such a perfect little piece, I can almost hear myself sigh a breath of nervous relief because on the one hand, I'd only wish for her to find a fun and loving home that appreciates her worth, but on the other, I've been training myself to trade off the old to make room for the new. 

Brought her out again last week and I must say, thank the lord/Buffalo Exchange/Crossroads/Wasteland that I now get another shot at spending some QT with my weathered and worn beauty. 

Rebecca Beeson blouse, Target dress, Bisou Bisou slacks, Vintage bag, hat, lucite sandals, F21 feather ring, Tasha stone ring, Urban Outfitters sunnies

interior images: 12, scanned via vintage H&G, 4-567

Clothing may come and go, but sartorial memories sure do last a lifetime. 

Do you have any garments in the closet that you cannot bring yourself to give up?...
Even if you haven't worn it for weeks/ months/ years? Do tell :D


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  1. LOVE this blouse girlie...looks amazing with those accessories! xo

  2. You look amazing! I love this outfit and your shoes are so cute. Fabulous photos! Yes, I do have things in my wardrobe that I can't bring myself to give up...way too many to name

  3. love your top and shoes! great interior photos as well.

    lovely post : )

  4. LOVE EVERYTHING about this post!!! Your hat is amazzzzzzin and the prints mixed with the interiors is so FABULOUS and filled with soooo much inspiration!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  5. Love the shirt and clear heel shoes! Nice post!Visit my blog and follow if you like:-)

    Ask Erena
    P.S. I always follow back!

  6. beautiful floral shirt! great idea to tie it up like that :)

    looks great with red as well


  7. Love this outfit - you look adorable!
    I feel you on this topic - I am moving this week and have been going through my closet. There are so many items that I know I should throw out but just bring myself to do it!

  8. No wonder why you've kept that blouse for a long time! It looks so amazing!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  9. Nice!

    I love the tattoo around your wrist! What does it say?

  10. Love your blouse. Really pretty :)

  11. OMG 15 years???? WOW! You definitely know how to keep an item!! Give me some pointers! Tha's awesome!

    You look extremely your makeup/hair! Flawless!
    Oh and just so you know, your food posts always leaves me craving for food!! NOM NOM!!

    keep up the awesome posts twin!


  12. wow the red accents are all gorgeous! Love your outfit too!

    Come follow my blog hun :)

  13. I adore the sleeves of that blouse and the interior design images you paired with the look ... so cool! I have an army green pair of wide leg canvas material pants I've had since high school. I've gone through phases of fitting in them and not fitting in them, but I will never get rid of them. I also cling to my mother and my stephmother's older vintage style pieces, so I guess you could say I won't even give their stuff up!

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  15. This is such a cute shirt :) you should defiantly keep it :)

    Love, Vanilla

  16. wonderful look! i love the tattoo on your arm :)


    Fashion Fractions

  17. I know how that feeling is with a piece of old clothes. It's so homey and comforting. Are you a cancer sign too?

  18. The outfit is amazing! I love it!

  19. lovely ensemble, love your sleeves!

    XO Sahra

  20. oh nice, I like the floral top very much, the material looks light and comfy!

  21. I love your rings and lucite heels! Me? I can't part with this hot pink and black buffalo plaid party dress. I need to. But I just adore the stupid thing. Maybe Ill wear it one more time this winter. I also cant bring myself to get rid of my summer sundresses. I just get sick of seeing them but I feel like Id be throwing out friends. Im such a baby. LOL.

  22. Great title. I love the idea of red over dark denim. Nice!

    And you look too cute in hats. You should definitely wear them more often. It reminds me of NY, going that extra mile with little accessories. :)


  23. Such a great blog!
    Amazing pictures!

    Follow me ;)

  24. Indeed, sartorial memories DO last and i love the idea that your beautiful little blouse just refuses to be sold. As always, great colours to your post.

  25. i love your tattoo, beautiful!

    love from paris
    xxx audrey xx

  26. I love this fashion meets decor post.Lovely hat and sunglasses. :)

  27. amazing pictures and outfit x

  28. can I just say that tattoo is your foot is COOL!!!! SUPER DUPA COOL


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