Birthday Look #2 | Dinner Celebration

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

After celebrating my actual birthday with the boy last Thursday, it was time to get the real party started with my girls over wine and dinner, more wine, and more dinner. Did I mention there was lotsa lotsa wine??? Here's how birthday din #2 went down:

With the chef and my BOL beauties at Prego Ristoranti in Irvine... 

Wine tasting and dinner starts off with Canape Assortiti paired with Villa Mt. Eden Chardonnay RSV, 2007

Next course, Soncino con Anatra: Grilled duck breast, Mache lettuce, leeks, goat cheese, balsamic vinaigrette paired with Villa Mt. Eden Zinfandel, 2007

The folks at Villa Mt. Eden sponsored this dinner and held a raffle to gift their signature bottles of wine...guess who won??? *That's my "Wow, how lucky am I??" face*

3rd course Cannelloni alla Romana: Pasta filled with veal, Italian sausage and ricotta, served with pink sauce, paired with Villa Mt. Eden Pinot Noir, 2009

4th course: Cosciotto d'Agnello alla Menta, baked leg of lamb encrusted in garlic, fresh herbs and bread crumbs, served with mint sauce paired with Villa Mt. Eden Cabernet Sauvignon, 2006

Since I won the previous prize, they had me pick out the raffle for the next winner...

Quel Surprise!! I win again!! It's almost as if it's my birthday or something!! hahah

Blowing out birthday candles atop our last course for the evening...Chestino ai Frutti di Bosco, Almond basket filled with white chocolate ice cream and mixed berries, paired with Orangecello Caravella

Bday cake/wish #2...after Chef smears chocolate all over my nose, it's only fitting I blow out another candle for good luck!...Profiteroles YUM!!!

Thank you to the beautiful ladies of BOL for yet another super fun evening! Note to self: No more wine night if I wanna stay up! I might look chipper here, but started yawning inbetween the 3rd-4th course...I'm OLD now booooooooo...

Vintage Evan Picone skirt, F21 tunic, Necklace purchased from LA Art Walk street vendor

18420 Von Karman Ave.
Irvine, CA 92612
(949) 553-1333

Will be blogging from Oahu tomorrow guys!
Stay tuned for the last of the birthday celebrations then it's on to Hawaii week ALL next week guys!! Aloha!


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  1. i have to your outfit the most out of the bunch ;)

    the food looks great too...couldn't agree more about the necessity of lots of wine!

    great blog, following you now

  2. Wow. It definitely looks like you had a great time! Happy birthday wishes.

    Deer. Lady

  3. You makin me hungry babe!! All your photos are great!! You seem so fun to hang out with..I always look forward to your comments....

    if I am ever planning to come over your area..I'll hit you up.


  4. Oh..i forgot..HAVE FUUUNNNN IN HAWAII!!! :)


  5. awww great photos! that food..hmmm :)

  6. nice photos! u are so beautiful!happy birthday ^^

  7. Wow how lucky were you!! hehe the food looks delicious!

  8. omg that food looks so amazing!! Looks like you had a blast with your girls Julie! Happy belated...xo

  9. Happy happy belated birthday! Everything looks scrumptious and like so much fun! Is that ahi tuna I spot? My favorite!

    The Internet Garbage

  10. Omg, your life seems so fun. LOL FTW, haha :D


  11. You played air surplise so well. Lucky winner bday girl! Got a new(used) Laptop which means I can catch up with LOL at my regular time. Before bedtime=)


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