Birthday Look #3 | Sunday Brunch

Friday, July 22, 2011

Are y'all sick of all my birthday posts yet?? Last one, I promise!!! 

Well, there was actually one more celebration sprinkled in between these latter two, but as fate would have it (and by fate, I mean a superfluous amount of alcohol) I never got around to documenting the food or the fashion. Bad blogger! Sorry guys! But for those of you interested in that sorta thing, I wore cargos and a sparkly top while sippin' on some Soju and consuming cheesy corn....yumMmoO!

Now back to the beauties that I live and breathe for. They butter my bread, they bring soup when I'm sick, they pour shots when I'm parched, and hold my hair back as I yak hahahah...My ride or die chicks...My forever SKITTLES and forever sisters. People often remark that I have lotsa friends. In actuality, I have TONS of acquaintances but only a handful of real friends and for that I feel extremely fortunate. I work hard to maintain these relationships, expending energy where required and kicking back when it's time to relax. Honestly, how can one truly find happiness without fostering significant relationships to nurture the mind, body, spirit, and soul? {Yes, Oprah's taught me well :D!}

DVF blouse, vintage pants, Hyde Plats, Vintage tribal necklace

369 East 17th Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 722-Plum

"Scatter seeds of kindness everywhere you go;
Scatter bits of courtesy, watch them grow and grow.
Gather buds of friendship, keep them 'til full-blown;
You will find more happiness than you have ever known."
- Amy Raabe 


Hope everyone celebrates an amazing weekend with all your friends!!!


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  1. You look FAB! and you all look like you were having a great time. The food looks amazing!

  2. Hi dear!
    Lovely post!

    I have translated in english the lastest outfit posts of my trip to Sicily, I'm sorry for not to have translated before! Hope you'll appreciate it! :)

    Have a nice day!

  3. The food looks so yummy, I'm feeling hungry just looking at it and you all look gorgeous :)

  4. DELICIOUS looking food. I am going to stop by when I am in NYC this week! Great photos - what a hight quality of picture! And everyone looks so happy. I would be too if I was eating that delicious looking food x
    The Internet Garbage

  5. oh my gosh, that french toast looks sooooooooo good! Is this place in NYC?

    and my late happy birthday wishes ^^

    Loves, Nikki

    Blog: The Ginger Diaries

  6. There's nothing I love more than a heavy picture post filled with food porn. Successfully drooling like crazy now!

  7. Everyone looks wonderful! I'm so glad you had a great birthday!

  8. Mind you I just ate, but that food makes me want to eat again! Hope you had a fabulous birthday, well it sounds like you did!

  9. the food looks so good!
    but why is that pancake called 'dutch'? we don't have anything like that in the netherlands!

  10. I miss Plums! My bf and I used to live biking distance to them.


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