Scenes from Annie's Las Vegas Bachelorette Bash

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

As promised, a sneak peek into Annie's Sin City Bachelorette Bash...25 girls, 1 super sweet bride-to-be, and a weekend filled with music and mayhem...Here's the PG version dolls, enjoy!

In room decorations for our weekend extravaganza... 

Gettin' down with the girls on our first night...

Day One: BCBG Dress (borrowed from Debs, thx babe!), Vintage belt, Chanel Mini, Steve Madden Heels

Our salute to the red, white, and blues...Celebrating her last days of independence ;P hehe

Day 2: Encore Beach Club!!! The only way to partayyyyy in Vegas!...

The best seats in the house baby...right next to the DJ!

Day Two Beach Club: ABS bikini 

How EBC gets down...

Still missing about half of the know how hard it is to round up the entire posse??...

Open-aired concert with Edward Maya!!! Our Vegas anthem!!! Stereo Love!!!

...And then it started pouring!!! Dancing in the rain :D Sooooo much fun!

Rest for a few...then up and at 'em!

Day Two Night: LaRok Dress, Tasha Necklace, F21 belt, Bakers Platforms

Vegas brings out the animal in all of us...Rawr baby Rawr!!!

In Room Games: Make a burlesque costume out of room decorations!...

Gifts and Games for our bachelorette...

My Skittles!!! Love them to pieces!!!

Back at the's like 4am at this point...

Limo to the airport for our last hurrah!

...Leaving Las Vegas...I'll be back!...Approximately in 3 weeks!
That's how we do here in SoCal ;D

Day Three: Thrifted skirt, F21 hat with DIY ribbon/necklace, Marshall's blouse

Congratulations to our darling Bride-to-Be, Annie Pham!!!
Love you sweets, hope you had a blast!


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  1. Looks like such an amazing party, you gals definitely know how to have fun!
    You're so lucky you're so close to Vegas :)

  2. Holy moly, that is an astounding amount of hotness for one post! Looks like you literally painted the town red. I like.

  3. very beautiful photos!

  4. SO jealous that you are going back in 3 weeks! What a fabulous time and you looked great in all the pix!

  5. wow. looks like an amazing and scandalous time ;)

  6. everyone looks gorgeous. You have such a pretty group of friends =]

  7. put me on your flat!!!!!!!!!!!! HOT!!! love it!!!

  8. Wow looks like a superrr fun weekend! You girls know how to party hard!


  9. Looks like you all had such a blast and I love bachelorette parties. They really are lots of fun. And everyone of you are dressed so fab. :)

  10. Looks like a fun blast, great pictures....u guys look amazing

  11. haha crazy photos! looks like so much fun!x

  12. looks like you had alot of fun!! inlove with the outfit in the last picture. so cute!!! and how amazing is that store??? you have to check it out if you ever go, and be prepared to leave with a bigger suitcase

  13. Holy Cow!! You guys had a BLAST!! So FUN!! i had fun checking out the pictures!!

    Babe, thanks for always leaving such lovely sincere messages..i love reading them.


  14. wow you look like you had sooo much fun! The definition of an amazing bachelorette party!

    love from San Francisco,

  15. Looks like so much fun!
    Follow each other? :)


  16. OMG----what a super RAD party!!! You all are soooooooooo gorrrrrrrrgeous!!! LOVE all of the blue and red dresses too----amazzzzzzzzzzzzzing! Stereo LOVE song ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!! Whatta trip!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  17. What a fun post! This looks like the ideal Vegas girls all look hot and it looks like you had an amazing time. I actually went for the 4th of july weekend and we were at Surrender. It was a great time. Glad u had fun!


  18. looks like a great bachelorette party and there is no better place to celebrate it than Las Vegas ;)

    Travel in Style

  19. damn girl looks like you had an amazing time!! And I absolutely love the red, white and blue perfect! haha. xo

  20. wow you all look so great! What a crazy fun, vegas trip! That is sicKKK! I am your new follower! xoxx

  21. looks like a lot of fun!

    very cute photos.
    xx jordana

  22. Woo! Looks like fun! I'm jealous, wish I went to a party like that this weekend. You girls all look awesome, and congrats to your friend on her marriage!

    Love your blog, and hope that if you have time you will stop by my site, The Internet Garbage and leave some feedback! We are just getting our feet off the ground and would love to see you around!

    Much love,
    The Internet Garbage

  23. now that looks like one heck of a party! good times to remember for a very long time...

  24. That looks like a super fun bachelorette party; you girls sure know how to have fun. You look stunning in the blue dress and you bathing suite is really nice and the gif. is hilarious, it seems like you girls are having the time of your lives. Congratulation to the future bride!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic


  25. Your crew knows how to party! You guys look fab. I am sure you SHUT vegas down.

  26. Looks like you girls had FUN!!!

    xoxo, Maryam

  27. OMG looks like soooo much fun!


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