Trend Spotting | Haute Halloween

No matter how I treat it, black and orange seem to be the trickiest combo to decorate with. Mix in some creepy cobwebs, howling ghosts, witches and warlocks, why you've got yourself one spooktacular party y'all...For like, one day out of the year. What about the other 364 days, you ask? 

Jazzy Fresh

Spent Sunday night dining by candlelight, listening to some jazzy tunes while vintage Marilyn saunters on the tube . It's not often I get together with my favorite faces on a school night, so I reserved this playful pajama-inspired romper to get me into the mood, while outta the boud'. 

New and Notable | Nordstrom Rack Redux

I'm as much a label whore as the next Cali girl, but where we probably differ is that I like my labels chic, but cheap. I cannot recall EVER spending full price for top of the line merchandise, especially when I can seriously exclaim that South Coast Metro's Nordstrom Rack is by far, THE BEST IN ALL THE LAND!!! {And believe you me, I've ransacked every Rack from South County to Seattle, and everywhere in between} A quickie afternoon jaunt yielded all of the below: 

House of Blues

Happy Monday loveys! Hope your week's off to a spectacularly sunny start since SoCal obviously has NO idea that it's autumn already. 80deg today with not a cloud in sight. Yay for those who love themselves a summer fling, boooooo for me whose ready for layers already! 

Apartments with LSD

Sometimes a space is so absolutely seamless, you needn't do much to help elevate it to superstar status. A little brick, a little mortar, and a whole lotta real estate to entertain your plus 100 peeps on any given weekend. 

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