The holidays are all about playing dress up so my first inclination when shopping the closet is to find the piece that moves me the most. In this case, the frock with the girliest twirls and the bounciest body takes the cake. 

Merry Christmas!!!

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Just wanted to wish you all a splendid holiday season with your loved ones. 
Thank you to all my readers for another year of fun and fabulosity!!!
I appreciate you more than you know and am soooo grateful for this opportunity to connect around the world!


Food Porn Friday | Bleu Restaurant and Lounge | Westminster

My idea of a perfect date includes dinner and dancing, followed by a super romantic late night session granted he lasts past the dessert. He usually doesn't (yes, we're THAT old!) which makes the dinner portion much more central in distinguishing whether or not this was a successful date night or a total disaster. That's why I rely on random nights at Bleu Restaurant and lounge to fulfill my carnal needs for overconsumption. 

Coming Up Roses

Getting over a cough/cold combo and attending a string of holiday shindigs is seriously what Christmas is all about right?? My go-to ensembles always include something warm and fuzzy like this fabulous faux fur coat (first seen HERE) and easy-peasy pants action since these parties are always hosted at my friends' pads where first-hand comfort is KEY! 

Trend Spotting | Plush Pink Velvet

I remember a time when I abhorred pastel palettes like they were the pneumonic plague to my brightly-colored closet. Seemingly saturated colors that fell ill to a virus that stripped them of a once vibrant core and now destined to be dull forever. 

Haute Shop | Pal + Smith

South Coast is finally coming up these days. If you're a designer living in the OC metro area, you're probably driving out to Laguna's or LA's Design Center at least every other week to specify for clients (I know I am). It's taxing having to traverse over the river and through the woods for one-stop shopping (not to mention quite pricy with those growing gas bills), but things are seeming to look up Pac. Coasters! SoCo has recently acquired Pal + Smith at the OC Mart MIX and I couldn't be more delighted! 

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