Trend Spotting | Jewel Tones

Selecting the right color combinations seem to be the simplest, yet most daunting task for most homeowners when decorating. You've been told to seek inspiration from all sorts of places including artwork, area rugs, drapery fabric, and even upholstery for a palette that peaks your interest and can permanently find a place within your home. My tried and true method? 

Flower Power

I'm proud to proclaim surviving one of those weekends where back-to-back events with babies and birthdays usually have me beat. After a Saturday night spent celebrating with all my besties, I was up and at 'em come Sunday morn preparing for an all-day extravaganza schmoozing and boozing from 2 in the afternoon 'til 10 o'clock come nighttime. 

Artist Spotlight | Lana Gomez

We're down to the wire with this residential remodel and I'm currently in the midst of the artwork assortment phase. Whereas designing for hotels demands casual, yet commercial selections for gross purchasing, designing for private residences involves a more personal practice, where final selections should elicit provocative responses from the client and users for essential effect. Instead of merely rushing out to the nearest retailer of mass art production (or in the usual case, local flea markets and antique shops), I've been scouring the web for local emerging artists with a hand for abstractions and an eye for imagination.

Golden Globe Glam

I lovelovelove Awards Season.
Had I been Rachel Zoe's intern in another life I would virtually DIE over every glittering bauble and STFD (Shut the front door) watching Anne Hathaway KILL yet another Red Carpet roundup. 

Olivia and Johannes | Hottest Couple Everrr

Take one pretty Palermo, add her hottie-patottie German counterpart, and what do you get? One sizzle-fied, smoking-haute, too sexy for the states spread in Elle Germany magazine. When one reality-tv villainess isn't enough to land some major press (let alone keep the City afloat for another season), it's time to grab the nearest Brühwurst and bring some much needed wattage to a near dimming light. 

Nightclub Design | My Studio vs. My House

I love that Hollywood is a town of many faces. On any given day the same town that disposes of fake talent faster than you'd dump a 2 month-old pint of milk can also grant facelifts to once-forgotten hotspots and call them the new IT place to see and be seen again. Case-in-point, Hollywood nightclub heavyweights Dodd Mitchell Design Group and Mogul Interiors are the sole collaborators responsible for saving every sinking Joe Schmoe Ultra lounge from ultimate obscurity with a simple sleight of hand and a flick of the wrist.

Food Porn Friday | Season's 52 | Part I

I'm all for living-breathing-eating green, so when a dining experience like the newly opened Seasons 52 in Costa Mesa "invites guests to discover sensational flavors of a seasonally inspired menu" with entrees all boasting 475 calories or less, you can bet that I {and pretty much all of fit-crazed SoCal} would be on board. 10 appetizers, 15 entrees, and 20 cocktails later, we are all in mutual accordance. This place sucks. 

Scenes from Avec Nightclub's 1 Yr Anniversary

Seems like just yesterday we were scrambling to get Avec open for her 2010 NYE debut. In typical interior design fashion, that includes 15 hour days perfecting the presentation and maneuvering around a 50+ staff eager and diligent in doing the same. Gosh I can't believe how after just 1 year, my darling little baby has achieved all the success and accolades she so readily deserves thanks to the unstoppable OC team that's nurtured her through her trial year. Love my clients, love the staff, the best is yet to come baby!!! 

Happy 1 year Anniversary Avec!

Trend Spotting | All Black

I remember going through this impossibly high-fashion high-school phase where every day I turned to my uniform of choice: black on black on black. Coupled with permanent Japanese hair-dye solution to really top off the blackestness, I appeared to be what some would consider "a ticking time-bomb." Save for the fact that I didn't tick and if I heard any talk of "goth" I was gonna blow. 

Scenes from a Very Happy New Year!!!

I have to admit...we're getting off to kinda a rough start. I swore that I would make a completely conscious effort to document more ensemble posts since I ALWAYS remember to bring the cam...yet somehow always forget to stay sober enough to make use of it. What good is the perfect party dress when I don't have one single ounce of evidence to prove it? I faintly recall it being a masquerade party...maybe there was even a confetti countdown with a massive balloon drop?...There was DEFINITELY champagne and booze aplenty... Was your New Year's just as shadowy and indistinct as mine can attest?

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