Ikea Hacker | DIY | Ikea Granas Dining Chair

I'll bet my entire coat collection that every household in Orange County owns at least 1 item from Ikea. I'll even bet a few designer handbags that's certain your 1 item from Ikea is now either broken, damaged, dinged, tattered, frayed, or long forgotten. What we love most about Ikea is usually what we learn to hate about it in the long run: Inexpensive comes with major instability. 

Escape to Viceroy Anguilla

Dreaming of the day that I can try out for The Bachelor just to experience the best of exotic locales from dipping in the hot springs of Iceland (Ally's season) or touring through the Serengeti on Safari (MY ULTIMATE DREAM VACAY!!! ahem, Beeze!). Since Brad's taking the final (6)? to Anguilla next Monday, it's only fitting that we fantasize about being a bachelorette for the day feigning quixotic chemistry just to lie on the beach, drink a little bubbly, and rub up on dude's bodacious bod. 

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