The Grass is always Greener

I am sooooo that SoCal gal that's always complaining about the weather. Anything below 60 and I'm freezing...anything above 80 and I won't leave the house for days. Woke up this morning to blue skies, birds chirping, wind in my hair, and sunshine on my face...naturally I threw on a bright bold frock ready to attack the world and scream SPRING is in the air!!!...Alas the sun shone so hot I'm now back indoors and cooling in the shade. Doggone days of bitter cold winters...where you be???

The Waikiki EDITION

Ian Shrager's really done it again with a hip and happenin' Honolulu hotel rivaling the best of 'em by the bay. Marriot's first ever boutique hotel collaboration with the genius behind famed Mondrian, Delano, and Gramercy Park institutions (to name a few) yields a fresh and funky interior design celebrating the indie surfer's lifestyle, complete with a whimsical assortment of old and new Hawaii traditions. 

Garden Party

62 degrees on a near perfect sunny SoCal day. When the weather gets this gosh darn gorgeous, I find it tough to concentrate on anything other than celebrating springtime with a fabulous fête fit for all my beautiful bosom buddies. 

Spring Cleaning

I grow pretty bored of my surroundings pretty fast. It's the ongoing curse of every interior designer I swear! What started as a simple 5 minute repurposing project turned into a complete overhaul of reorganizing, then repainting my entire bathroom. As if attacking such feat wasn't enough to scratch the growing itch, I then jumped over to cleaning out my mama's closet aka the collector's dream wardrobe overflowing with new/old unworn clothes, tons of travel toiletries, and boxes of BS from rolodex business cards to international coins hidden in every pant/purse/parka pocket from the last few decades to the present. 

Trend Spotting | Sweet Romance

Some days are all about rock 'n roll...The glitz, the glam, the brass, the bling. Other days are all about the sweet and the saccharine, the nice and quiet immediately following the all too familiar demands of everyday life. 

Trend Spotting | Coral Hues

Rainy days got me dreaming of blush tones in bloom...diaphanous sheers wafting through the breeze...sunset skies on faraway horizons...and the occasional french frosting to simmer my cooped up sweet tooth. If torrential downpour in sunny SoCal means waking up to a season brimming with bright bold hues of blush and bashful, sign me up for seven straight days of shower power please...

LACMA Exhibit | Fashioning Fashion

I've been in a very maxi-skirt mood lately. This msm keeps me looking fresh and flirty and perfectly in line with spring essentials and the shape of things to come. It's also my go-to uniform for everything from client/vendor meetings to all day shopping excursions to dinner and date night with the bf. Having spent the entire day in LA yesterday doing pretty much all of the above, I'm gonna break down this task force and bring you a three-piece project starting with my first raison d'être: Fashion, what else?

Scenes from Thai Nguyen Fashion Show

Spent last Saturday at Concept LA Fashion Week previewing Thai Nguyen Couture's Fall ready-to-wear line titled "The Last Falling Leaf." For those of you who don't know this Little Saigon celebrity, he was first runner-up on Bravo's "Launch My Line" and currently an in-demand stylist to the Vietnamese Westminster community, fabricating couture gowns for entertainment songstresses (aka Paris by Night peeps), fashioning looks for their red-carpet debuts, and occasionally dressing pageant queens on and off the runway. 

Scenes from a Night Out Clubbing at Avec

Lovelovelove spending some nice (albeit completely overdue) QT with a few of my favorite faces aka ol' RS buddies. Having been outta the corporate loop for over 2 years now means being able to nurture my own firm; however, missing out on the camaraderie developed over creating entire hospitality concepts together with the most talented designers straight from the LBC. 

Easy Breezy

Quickie outfit post before heading out to meet with clients and vendors. I can usually count on these tasks running all day long so it's always a good idea to throw on something light and airy then anchor the ensemble with 8-hour shoes for the long know the ones that feel just as fab running around in the first hour as they do rushing in the final ones?

Rock n' Roll Glam

With spring just around the corner and morning sun beckoning me up before noon, it's time I take this little side project out on dry land to see what OC's been offering up these days. 

The Coveteur | Closet Confessions

The mark of a well designed home is one where you're instantly invited to share in the story of the homeowner's life...Who they love, what they dream of, where they've been, where they're going, and most importantly what makes them unique. Much like how you present yourself to the world with costumes and garb, the effort you put into decorating the home must evoke the same amount of emotion to really get the narrative right. The Coveteur, in conjunction with Elle magazine, is a fashion blog's answer to sartorial storytelling, granting viewers immediate access into the closets of trendy tastemakers and the covetable items that tell their tale, one bag, belt, and bauble at a time. 

Currently obsessing over Roopal Patel's confidence in color with a collection of global treasures pulsating in vibrant energy. If home is where the heart is, then the closet must be the beat. 


Midnight Train

I did it guys!!! Peeled myself off the bed, put my face on, and made it out to Restaurant Week whoohoooo! Surprisingly enough, of the 100 or so participating restaurants in OC, only a handful had a 4+ star rating on Yelp which heavily dictated which way we would swing our votes. 

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