Food Porn Friday | The Crosby | DTSA

We'd be a bunch of lushes save for the fact that along with those bottomless cocktails comes scrumptious eats and if we're lucky (or loud enough) personal Chef meet-and-greets. Last weekend's festivities seen HERE brought us down to Old Town Santa Ana, part burgeoning mini-metropolis, part alternative answer to every suburbanite's protest to the lack of a true artists' district. Feels like a dive, looks like a lounge, and best of all? No snooty staff members screaming at you to keep it down. Whooooohooooo Santana comin' up y'all! Love this joint!

Ikea Hacker | DIY | Gilded Drum Lamps

I have never met a glossy black and gold gilded anything that I didn't immediately go goo-goo-ga-ga for. Be it furniture, accents, accessories, or handbags, hell, I'll probably keel over if I spotted an 80's style black velvet prom dress with dangling gold extras at my local thrift store. At this point I'd probably describe my own personal interior style as Shanghai Regency. If it's lacquered up and completely covered in something shiny and metallic, chances are I've got a piece just like it sitting in my studio. 

Haute Khuuture turns 1 today!!!

This time last year I was fresh off the show, back from New York, and seemingly in limbo until I mustered up the verve to finally commit to Haute Khuuture's very first post. A year before that I had never even heard of a fashion blog, hadn't a clue what blogging entailed, and don't even get me started on RSS feeds and followers (to which I must admit I still understand very little of). Yet here we are, 365 days, 29,800+ views, 272 entries, and hundreds of newfound friends later...I am one happy-go-lucky Haute Khuuturier :D 

Food Porn Friday | Bottega Louie | DTLA

I've actually had this in my archives for some time now and finally getting around to blogging about one of THE most craveable eateries in downtown LA. Bottega Louie, all the rage on the Yelp-o-meter, equally illustrious on my own personal account. Part patisserie, part bar, part bistro, think bodega-like-eats on a super-duper bougie level. 

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