Food Porn Friday | The Crosby | DTSA

We'd be a bunch of lushes save for the fact that along with those bottomless cocktails comes scrumptious eats and if we're lucky (or loud enough) personal Chef meet-and-greets. Last weekend's festivities seen HERE brought us down to Old Town Santa Ana, part burgeoning mini-metropolis, part alternative answer to every suburbanite's protest to the lack of a true artists' district. Feels like a dive, looks like a lounge, and best of all? No snooty staff members screaming at you to keep it down. Whooooohooooo Santana comin' up y'all! Love this joint!

Ikea Hacker | DIY | Gilded Drum Lamps

I have never met a glossy black and gold gilded anything that I didn't immediately go goo-goo-ga-ga for. Be it furniture, accents, accessories, or handbags, hell, I'll probably keel over if I spotted an 80's style black velvet prom dress with dangling gold extras at my local thrift store. At this point I'd probably describe my own personal interior style as Shanghai Regency. If it's lacquered up and completely covered in something shiny and metallic, chances are I've got a piece just like it sitting in my studio. 

When Nature Calls

Beautiful, clear, sunny SoCal day with temperatures reaching the mid 80's and light southern winds breezing in at 5mph. In a past life I imagine myself a meteorologist for the singular advantage of prefiguring daily ensembles where every morning I'd wake up with perfect compilations to fit every condition. 

Optimus Prime

I'm seriously considering tacking up a color wheel in my closet to help dictate my ensembles each morning. Sure beats waking up forcing inspiration after a harrowing weekend of intoxicating festivities and wayyyyy too much drunken fun. I swear I can hear my little brain cells beckoning me to keep it low key so that on days like this, I can simply take my wardrobe for a little spin and come out looking like pre-schoolers spit up all over me. Who says you don't learn anything in daycare. ROYGBIV to the rescue!!!

It's All in the Deets

Pretty much everything I'd like to be rocking right now during SoCal's temperamental transitional weather...Feminine details with rough and tough textures...A little bit of leather...A whole lotta fur *yes, even in April!*...Print on print on print on print...Did I mention I loves me some print? 

High Times

I didn't realize how much these leafy greens resembled cannabis culture until a quickie-post editing session turned me into a sticky-icky sleuth. Had I known this verdant variety grew locally right by my favorite boba tea joint, I'd have rallied all the troops for an afternoon session of munchies and mayhem just in time to salute most suburbanites' favorite day of the year! Hahahah just kidding folks, it's obviously overgrown lush...and not of the weed breed just to clarify...

Nautical Notions

I feel like taking a mini-vacay to Nantucket in this ensemble. Something about striped grosgrain, itty bitty shorts, and a crisp white blazer absolutely screams summer in Cape Cod except that we're nowhere near a lighthouse and sailing on the seas is more suggestive of booze cruise than regatta racing. 

Haute Khuuture turns 1 today!!!

This time last year I was fresh off the show, back from New York, and seemingly in limbo until I mustered up the verve to finally commit to Haute Khuuture's very first post. A year before that I had never even heard of a fashion blog, hadn't a clue what blogging entailed, and don't even get me started on RSS feeds and followers (to which I must admit I still understand very little of). Yet here we are, 365 days, 29,800+ views, 272 entries, and hundreds of newfound friends later...I am one happy-go-lucky Haute Khuuturier :D 

These Boots are Made for Gawking

All I can say is is one of those stunningly exquisite SoCal days where the sun is streaming happy rays and beach breezes are wafting in from way down south...Which simply translates to busting out silks and chiffons, fabulous fringe and my all-time FAVORITE boots that I scored at a vintage shop in Barcelona last winter

Haute Shoeture: Charlotte Olympia

I started my morning off with a Reflexology Massage and now I cannot seem to find any brain power for the life of me. The only thing that seems to flood my mind is shoes. shoes. shoes. Dude must've been one helluva masseur since I'm obviously thinking with my happy feet and definitely not with my head. 

Food Porn Friday | Octopus Sushi | Long Beach

If y'all know me and the bf, we are both extremely particular about our sushi. We will never, ever (again, minus the teenage years) eat sushi a) from a buffet, b) on a rotating belt, c) located in a shopping mall, or d) from any establishment that also serves chicken teriyaki, which coincidentally includes all of the above. 

Never Say Never

I believe it was this same time last year that I was lamenting about the depressing powers of pastels, my love/hate relationship with everything Easter, and my general dislike for the muted color category. Ahhhh times they are a-changin'.

Trend Spotting | Safari Chic

Fashion has been the biggest influence on my designing style for as far back as I can remember. Flipping through the latest editorials from Vogue and Elle will most certainly yield color combinations to inspire entire projects, even down to the littlest details. So it should be no surprise that often times staring at much desired interiors will also influence my outfit for the day. 

Baby, Baby, Baby oh

The bf rushed off to work in such a hurry this morning I was relegated to bribing my niece with Bieber tix just to snap my ensemble post for the day. She quickly reminds me that it's me who has Bieber fever and negotiated watching "Never Say Never" instead since it'll only take 1.5 hours out of her busy schedule versus sitting through an entire set of songs she's not even into, plus concert commute time. 

Food Porn Friday | Bottega Louie | DTLA

I've actually had this in my archives for some time now and finally getting around to blogging about one of THE most craveable eateries in downtown LA. Bottega Louie, all the rage on the Yelp-o-meter, equally illustrious on my own personal account. Part patisserie, part bar, part bistro, think bodega-like-eats on a super-duper bougie level. 

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