Purple Reign

I found this baby at my local thrift store for under $5 (anything over, I obviously deem TOO expensive, see post below). At that point, its midi length swallowed all 61" of me whole so my first inclination was to chop it off at micro size for clubbing nights and then it dawned on me...let's first get her to an appropriate "church" length before fast forwarding past an entire ensemble opportunity (mainly John and Annie's upcoming engagement party). 

Winter Kate Wear

The bf has a total addiction to gambling. He'll pretty much bet everything but his left nut just to see who can kick farther, run faster, swim longer, jump higher...Hell he'll even bet whose dog barks louder if that means there's some stake and alcoholic penalty involved. It's his inherent competitive nature that I used to find pretty amusing, up until his drunk ass loss us a game of couple's bowling after having one too many drinks and too too many shots. And like clockwork, payout dinners ensue and I, for one, am no longer amused. Argghhhhh, why must I always carry our team dammit!?! 

Trend Spotting | Emerald City

I'm a total sucker for a shot of bold color anytime, anywhere. The single most foolproof way to amp up interiors and ensembles is with a nice, clean palette then BAM!!! Bright lights, BIG city. Currently my favorite go-to green, emerald screams MAHVELOUS while cousin Kelly quietly speaks to spring and Hunter's better left for parks and recreation. 

Scenes from Fore!! Axel and Hudson Fashion Show

If you've been flipping through your weekly tabloids and wonder who's been dressing Hollywood's most trendy tots, chances are it's Fore!! If you've been strolling through Fred Segal and wonder why Gwen Stefani's hightailing it to the children's department, it's prolly all for Fore!! If you've been living under a rock or simply don't have any young jocks in your life, it's time for you to get to know Fore!! 

OC Fashion Week

Yep, you read that right...OC has its very own Fashion Week.
Who would've thunk that a bunch of hopeful teeny boppers strutting homemade goods down the artist's district of Santana would be deemed worthy of an entire week of fashion? 

YSL Arty Ring

Happy Monday y'all!!!! Hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend! Mine was chock full of festivities, friends, favorites, and best of all, food, food, and MORE scrumptious FOOD! I have a super-packed schedule this morn so I'll be back tonight to share all the dirty deets of what it's like to LOL, all day every day :D

But first!!!...I did it dude. Finally caved in to the one little bling I've been craving for what seems like eons now after seeing it everywhere...ads on FGR, adorned on my fave fashionistas, and now she's miiiiiiine....allllll miiiiiiine. Couldn't be more ecstatic. Props to my boo boo for hooking your honey up 

<3 <3 <3 Beezy!!!

They just released a silver version for pre-order too!...Although I'm a total golden girl myself...but you can purchase/pre-order HERE

Hope everyone enjoys a productive start to an awesome week!


To Dye For

I'm soooooo into tie-dye right now it's not even funny. Obviously the bf ain't laughing...or even cracking a smile. My total man-repeller moment starts with crazy over the top colors and muddles them together for even more nauseating effect.

Trend Spotting | Glossy Black

Sorry for the lack of design posts guys...I get so carried away with style sometimes it's almost like I've forgotten what my day job is. I swear every blogger's guilty of straying from their bread and butter especially when that honkin' piece of steak looks too delicious to pass up and the dessert cart is simply within tongue's wag away. Believe you me, it's not always about food and fashion (really!)...so on days like this, I'd like to ease y'all back into the core of it all with what else?...Rock n' roll rooms that not only transport you into the homes of the fabulously rich and famous, but make you feel like a guilt-free groupie all over again. It's like I've died and gone to high gloss heaven y'all...animal prints optional, but highly recommended.

Scenes from GNO in San Francisco

I found this beautiful cotton tunic hanging on sale at the Rack and thought: Gorgeous tie-dye, lovely draping, 75% off original pricing, why are so many of these suckers still up for grabs??? Answer: Zero hanger appeal. Never one to let a bad first impression ruin any potential future ahead, I darted to the dressing room with an indistinct pile of garb et Voila! One-shoulder clubbing dress to rival any caped crusader! To the batcave and beyond!!!

Food Porn Friday | Burma Superstar | Oakland

To make up for yesterday's lack of post {Blogger was down, bad bad boy}... 

Feast your eyes on this!!! Burmese cuisine indicative of its neighboring influences (including India, China, Laos, and Thailand) with spices and seasonings showcasing the entire lay of the land. Mix 'em all together and what to you get? Bold, robust, over-the-top spectacle of what it's like to eat like a Burmese superstahhhhh! Too bad you can only get it in the Bay....boooo! 

How to Pack for a Weekend in the Bay Area

Leavin' on a jet plane...I'll be back sooner than you know it (Sunday, actually)...
Celebrating double birthdays with my ride-or-die chicks that'll take us first to Oakland, then Napa, and back to the city before leaving our crazy imprint all over three towns. 

Honeysuckle Wedding Wear

Spent the entire morning trying to recover images from my weekend extravaganza.
Three friggin' days of ensemble pix gone. POOF! Vanished like my mind after scrambling to r-undelete the last 72 hours of my life. I swear every blogger's been through the motions so I dunno how I've managed to escape the treachery unscathed for so long. 

Stardust and Sequins

Happy Monday y'all!!!
This had to be one of THE busiest weekends for me kick starting what I like to refer to as "Crazy Season." Back-to-back-to-front-and-back birthdays, babies, showers, weddings, social outings, and to top it all off....Lakers game, Semi-Finals, Game 1 tonight at the Staples Center... 

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