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You know how they say alcohol is the best remedy for a hangover?
I'd like to think an 80-proof swig in the a.m. is the perfect anecdote to get me rockin' and rollin' by the p. With that in mind, I'd also like to pretend spending a near week in paradise is just the ticket I need to cure my over-partied, over-played, beat down, belated-birthday body. 

Birthday Look #2 | Dinner Celebration

After celebrating my actual birthday with the boy last Thursday, it was time to get the real party started with my girls over wine and dinner, more wine, and more dinner. Did I mention there was lotsa lotsa wine??? Here's how birthday din #2 went down:

Happy Birthday to Me :D

Another year older, another year....well, older, man. Sheesh, after your 20's I swear perspectives go uphill but for some treacherous reason, gravity makes everything else go down :( Booooo for aging...YAY for aging gracefully! 

Swank Lighting Lamp WINNER!!!

Still in recovery mode from my weekend extravaganza in Vegas hosting Annie's bachelorette bash. It will probably take me all day to sort and extract the "PG-rated" pics to share and post so hang tight and make sure to come back for exclusive coverage tomorrow :D

In the meantime, CANNOT believe my dang luck as I entered an online contest and won this incredibly unbelievable pair of $3400.00 Murano Lamps from High Gloss Magazine courtesy of Swank Lighting. Ahhhhhhh!!! Isn't she a beauty?? 

Food Porn Friday | Habana | Costa Mesa

I first fell in love with Cuban cuisine while living up in Portland, OR. Who would've thunk that I'd have to travel to the City of Roses for authentic, hometown favorites like fried plantains, Ropa Vieja, Arroz con Pollo, and THE BEST DESSERT in all of the land, Tres Leche cake!! *yum..drools* 

Scenes from Annie's Bridal Tea Party

I'm normally a super smiley person. I don't take life too seriously (although minor tantrums prove otherwise), I chuckle at all my own jokes (regardless of wit or humor, or lack thereof), and my laugh lines run so deep you'd think I'd have buried the secret to eternal youth up in that mug. 

Trend Spotting | Tribal Print

Hope everyone enjoyed a happy 4th weekend!
Mine was filled with family and friends, booze and babies, food and fun! I can still hear the ringing of fireworks in my head but sadly it's back to business guys! I've got boho on the brain today. Ethnic, tribal, native, Navajo, I'm in total pursuit of anything printed and billowy. 

Birthday Wishlist

It's birthday month y'all!!! Sooooo excited to celebrate many momentous milestones {most of which have nada to do with me} but still gotta look fly and rock flash like I'm turning 21 all over again :D If you're ever so inclined, here's what's on my wish list this summer:

Food Porn Friday | Rooster PM | Costa Mesa

Good, even {mildly} authentic tapas is sooooo hard to come by in OC. I'm as much a foodie as the next guy (granted the next guy dines out daily and dishes the dirt on his/her blog), but nevertheless, I don't think down home, dependable, Spanish-inspired flavors in bona-fide Spanish-influenced suburbia is too much to ask for, do you? 

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