Food Porn Friday | Picca Peruvian Cantina | Los Angeles

Modern Peruvian tapas meets Neo-Japanese techniques in a swanky little pop-up shop.
Trendy, urban interior made even more intriguing with the floor to ceiling graffiti art depicting the hillside charm of Peru with a little LA twist. An all too familiar statement seeing as how Pico Blvd. is strewn with South American cuisine and culture from the hood to the BeverlyWood. You definitely get a strong sense of place here with Picca, where neighborhood charm only adds to its appeal. 

Trend Spotting | Hunter Green

I remember sporting this authentic army green jacket to my eighth grade graduation and was immediately disrobed before even stepping foot into the auditorium. My teachers literally yanked my "avante-garde" choice straight from my back while I shouted "...but it's TRENDY!" while watching the fashion police haul it away. Military influenced, army green with feminine ruffles...maybe. Army green camouflage veteran jacket straight from my gf's father's closet of memorabilia, size XL...notsomuch. 

Missoni Mania

I'm sure by now y'all have got tons of crazy Missoni for Target stories to share. Mine is/was/still uneventful to say the least. After having followed online horror stories of peeps carrying out cartfuls at a time and subsequently marking up piece by piece and re-selling on eBay at thousand percent markups, I knew I'd stay away for my neighborhood Tarjays for as long as I can. 

Lemonade and Leopard

I love discovering new-to-me eateries and lunch spots in LA. Since the bf and I worked all Saturday morning, it was only fitting that we treat ourselves to a light and yummy lunch complete with veranda dining (my fave!), pretty posh peeps (so LA!), and a buffet of ice cold tangy beverages to boot (decisions, decisions!). 

Food Porn Friday | Red Envelope Dinner

It sure does pay to have foodie friends y'all. You know how I know I've leveled up? When I've been summoned to attend a hush-hush secret gastro-society where Le Cordon Bleu- trained chefs personally whip up some of their most elusive dishes that literally took months to master and minutes to make. 

Trend Spotting | Gray Matter

Nothing like waking up to an early a.m. earthquake to get your morning started off right
I swear us SoCal babies barely move a muscle for anything under 6.0. Kinda scary, but tremors like these often stimulate the part of my cerebral cortex that propels voluntary movements from static to startling. 

Winter Kate

I've been a huge fan of Nicole Richie since first seeing her strut her stuff on "The Simple Life" whilst leaving a poor Paris Hilton in her saucy little shadow. 

Food Porn Friday | Koto Sushi | Foothill Ranch

Yes, again...for like the 5th time now, but only the 3rd time Koto's been featured on the blog (first two times HERE and HERE). We keep coming back because my good friend Daena is in cahoots with the Chef so he always hooks us BIG TIME...and we're never served the same thing TWICE!...So if you're ever in South O.C., give Chef Miki a call and let him at it.

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