Winter Wallflower

Jewel-toned velvets…patterned floral...gothic romance…baroque and fabulous! If winter’s all about caving in while glamming out, sign me up for some lacy lingerie and pouty red lips honey! I’m hibernating ‘til the new year! 

60's Mod

Spent the weekend celebrating what seems to be a superfluous amount of birthdays. 
Wore this graphic Free Peeps number with the most groovy diamond pattern bordering on what some may refer to as Aztec meets Austin Powers. The key to wearing all-over pattern is keeping the silhouette simple and accessories free. For you petite gals out there, A-line minis are THE trick of the trade! Well, that and surrounding yourself with similar-sized beauties can’t hurt either. ;P 

Food Porn Friday | Vintage Enoteca | Los Angeles

The scene: Trendy. The cuisine: Tapas. The verdict: Eh. 
We dined at Vintage Enoteca right before catching the Book of Mormon at Pantages Theater in Hollywood. I always like to map out dining destinations according to proximity and yelp reviews…duh. As an “elite” Yelper myself (oh yeah, class of 2012 baby) I rely heavily on what my community thinks of the joint before even daring to venture myself.

Food Porn Friday | Jang Toh Korean Bar | Garden Grove

Most peeps don’t realize that Orange County’s got the BEST mix of Asian food all within a 15 mile radius. Starting in central Vietnam (aka 'Bolsa' to locals) you’ve got Vietnamese with Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Korean cuisine fanning out from there. Within a few blocks from Westminster you can find yourself smack dab in the midst of K-Town where Korean BBQ’s litter every block of Garden Grove Blvd. from Brookhurst to Beach and back. The little hidden gems are what I’m always on the lookout for and Jang Toh K-bar’s been one of those mainstays that I dine at time and time again.

Trend Spotting | Pairs of Chairs

I have a serious shopping problem y’all. 
When design’s your first love and fashion’s a VERY close second, you’re constantly on the lookout for new and notable items for clients, friends, family, and then yourself. The problem is that I see great value in purchasable items Makes “window shopping” seem a lot less virtual and far more realistic when my wallet’s on the receiving end. Oh le sigh. 'Tis the life of a designer. 

7 Days of Decorating | Day 5

|Setting the Menu| 

Sorry party peeps, no Food Porn Friday today but I DO have you covered with what to provide for a holiday cocktail fête featuring some modern twists on everyday favorites. The MOST vital tip for successful party prepping: 

7 Days of Decorating | Day 3

|Decorating with Glass| 

Every seasoned party planner knows that one of the best investments for any party décor is glass jars. You can instantly transform a space by filling the clear vessels with items relevant to your theme. 

7 Days of Decorating | Day 1

|Making Your Own Invitations|

If you don’t know by now, 365Hangers asked yours truly to break down my 7 best tips for throwing a holiday party for less. It’s been plastered all over my FACEBOOK here and 365Hanger’s blog here. Those whom liked/ commented/ shared the posts were automatically entered to win a $25 gift card to shop designer looks for less on 365Hangers. 

Trend Spotting | Four Poster Beds

Now that the weather’s getting chilly and perfect for snuggling in, I’m in TOTAL nesting mode already. Been dreaming of the day I own one of these four-poster beds; Perfect for framing the boudoir, making a statement, and even acting as its own focal point to elevate the drama of any space. 

Food Porn Friday | Bella Cuba | Santa Ana

A total mom-and-pop shop in the corner of a busy Costa Mesa marketplace, Bella Cuba looks like just another franchise popular with corporate lunchers who flock to this area for their afternoon break. Upon entering this bright bazaar, you’re instantly greeted with heart happy Holas! and service with gleaming white smiles. It seriously goes uphill from there with some of the best house-made sangrias this side of the Atlantic. 

Autumn Vibes

For a region like SoCal to be so ahead of the curve, we sure are slow to catch up on our seasons y’all. FINALLY getting some chills around OC and I couldn’t be more delighted to start layering the *ish outta my transitional fall>winter gear. One MUST HAVE high on my hitlist: 

7 Days of Decorating with 365 Hangers

Join me all week on 365Hangers and Haute Khuuture’s FACEBOOK page as I detail my 7 BEST tips for throwing a holiday party on a budget! I’ve got you covered on everything DIY from making your own invitations, to decking your walls, and even down to setting the menu and music! Like, comment, or share the posts and you can win one of two $25 gift cards to shop your heart out on 365Hangers! Read all about my week as a guest editor HERE on The 365Blog!

Day 1: Making your own holiday invitations! 

Wanna know more???
See you all on FACEBOOK for the deets! 


Food Porn Friday | Juliette Kitchen and Bar | Newport Beach

Ask me what my favorite type of cuisine is and I will almost always exclaim FRENCH!!!
I love the aromas, I DIE for butter, and don’t even get me started on the plethora of stinky cheeses humminaaaa huminaaaaa. So when Traditions by Pascal closed earlier this year to make way for another dining establishment, my heart leaped out of my chest, plummeted on a nearby butcher block, and was bludgeoned to death by rusty cleavers knowing full well that yet another one bit the dust. Mind you, I don’t even think Traditions was that spectacular, but when 1 out of maybe 4 good French eats closes down around town, I scream bloody murder and weep until someone answers my call. 


I gotta admit guys, this was one CHALLENGING week for me. Where personal issues have me clearly preoccupied and business ventures have me swerving every which way but straight, the blog’s been relegated to a space that I would never desire to corner her in again: the backburner. 

The Book of Mormon

Have y’all seen it? Or are you really more interested in what I’m wearing out to date night? Yup, that’s what I thought ;D Nothing screams dinner and a musical more than a crushed velvet smoking jacket in the most gorgeous shade of deep indigo. 

Food Porn Friday | Pizzeria Mozza | Mozza 2 Go

Trying to figure out what to eat for a quickie Friday meal? How’s about some quickie curbside pizza courtesy of none other than Mozza 2 Go!?! Sometimes you simply crave gourmet ingredients without all the fancy-schmancy hoopla like silverware and china. I mean, its only pizza y’all. I’ll sacrifice the spectacle of in-house dining for takeout any day, granted none of the flavors are lost in transport. 

Modern Romance

Sometimes a gal just wants to dress up in frills and thrills without obvious feminine traces of ruffles and lace. But sometimes the combination slaps you in the face with such haute-worthy design elements; you can’t help but melt at the sight of a gorgeously crafted garment that was really MADE for your petite body type.

Haute Shop | Zara Home

I’m sure by now y’all have had a chance to peruse Zara’s home store that recently launched in the U.S. I can’t quite tell what the quality is like judging from the images, but a previous 2010 trip to visit their Barcelona shops proved to be so compelling I almost purchased over $1000 worth of merchandise to carry on home. I eventually convinced myself that Zara would be shipping to the states in no time so I left the goods behind and have been mourning the loss ever since then. 

Fashion Star

As much as I count Nicole Richie as one of my fashion icons, I’ll admit I have NEVER seen an episode of Fashion Star. But after having acquired this gorgeous little frock for the church portion of Panda’s wedding, I’m now a TOTAL fan of the show. 

Food Porn Friday | San Francisco Eats | Part I

I used to dream of living by the bay. The weather, the scene, the culture, the cuisine, there’s something so mysterious about a city constantly blanketed in fog. It’s a new experience every time I visit and this trip proved to reveal all the ten thousand and one reasons why I left my heart in San Francisco. Well, my heart and my appetite y’all…same ish, different beat, right? 

Trend Spotting | Geometrics

Statement-making graphics are sure to be one of Fall 2012’s top trending design ideas.
If rocking head-to-toe pattern’s clearly NOT your thing, try a dosage of the look in decoration and décor. 

San Francisco Photo Diary

The beauty of Cali truly is the topography.
Where on any given hour-long plane ride you can relax on a tropical beach, heli-ski down a treacherous mountain, sip vino on a hillside vineyard, or simply take in all a city’s culinary adventures only stopping for snacks in between meals. Yes, traveling with my BOL beauties is like escaping from the bottommost pit of your stomach and the only way out is to eat your way to the top. 

Food Porn Friday | Umami Burger | Costa Mesa

I am by no means a burger and fries kinda gal. But slap some aged truffle, stinky bleu cheese, and caramelized onions on that baby and all of a sudden I’m writhing atop a Phantom Rolls Royce, bikini-clad with ketchup dripping from my chin doing my very best Paris Hilton impersonation. Oh yes honey, that’s exactly how I felt with my first bite into the juicy goodness that is their namesake Umami Burger. We were able to sample at least half the menu with our large party but somehow only the Umami one stuck. Here’s why: 

Scenes from 'I Heart Panda' Bachelorette Bash | Part I

Vegas is to SoCal what Miami is to NYC…TOTAL stomping grounds for everything pools, parties, and of course the obligatory drinking and debauchery. Couple that with 25 of the hottest hunnies straight from OC and you’ve got yourself one helluva celebration y’all! BIG CONGRATS to my little lovebug Linda ‘Panda’ who’s tying the knot in approximately 3 weeks! Dundundun….Here’s how it ALL went down! (Well, the PG version, at least ;) hehe).. 

Food Porn Friday | Mon Ami Gabi | Las Vegas


TGIF y’all!!! I’m off to Vegas today to host my darling Panda’s last bash before the crash a.k.a. her Bachelorette Party! Sooooo dang excited can’t even begin to tell ya how I’m DYING for mini-vacay not to mention some QT with my cuties! Which brings me to one of the cutest brunch spots in Las Vegas: Mon Ami Gabi located at Paris hotel and casino. You know the one that sits directly at the base of Paris’ Eiffel Tower? Super cozy and quaint French bistro with the BOMBEST blueberry French toast I’ve ever had! I’m not much for fruity compotes with my carbs, but when it’s smeared with house-made fluffy white whip, OMAN I’d sacrifice the diet any dang day! 

Emerald Cut

It’s finally cooling down in SoCal this week…whooooohoooooo!!!! The PERFECT weather for shorts and a blousy top. I’m one of those West Coast girls who are ALWAYS cold. Our Indian summer’s allowing nocturnal outings sans coat so I’m more than thrilled to be showing off some sexy back cutouts and a bit more leg before fall begs me to layer already. 

Waves Crash Baby Don't Look Back

It’s been a minute since I’ve featured “Editorial Sundays”…been pretty lackadaisical about posting on weekends but if you’re anything like me, I’m all about losing myself in stacks of September issues and dreaming about faraway locales just like these. 

Pink Lady

I’m really hanging onto the last few weeks of summer with feathery light dresses in a mix of bold fuchsias and buttery yellows. It’s funny how I don’t rock sundresses the entire season but seeing as how it’s quickly coming to an end, I’m ransacking the wardrobe for frills and thrills in punchy party patterns and fun little florals. Evidently that’s how I roll y’all…gotta go out with a bit of a bang! 

#JKID Event | Alfresco Summer Dinner

As another summer sets, I’m reminded of all the good times we shared this season. Alfresco dinner parties with a bevy of my party peeps, backyard bbq’s grubbing on some greasy meaty faves, daily poolside dips to preserve my season’s tan….Ahhhhh summer, I sure dis you when you’re here but yearn when you’ve departed. That’s it! I’m making a concerted effort to start throwing fall and winter dinner parties…oh yes, OUTDOORS! Isn’t that the very reason we pay the big bucks to live in SoCal? Endless summer y’all! 

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