Trend Spotting | Pairs of Chairs

I have a serious shopping problem y’all. 
When design’s your first love and fashion’s a VERY close second, you’re constantly on the lookout for new and notable items for clients, friends, family, and then yourself. The problem is that I see great value in purchasable items Makes “window shopping” seem a lot less virtual and far more realistic when my wallet’s on the receiving end. Oh le sigh. 'Tis the life of a designer. 

Trend Spotting | Four Poster Beds

Now that the weather’s getting chilly and perfect for snuggling in, I’m in TOTAL nesting mode already. Been dreaming of the day I own one of these four-poster beds; Perfect for framing the boudoir, making a statement, and even acting as its own focal point to elevate the drama of any space. 

Food Porn Friday | Juliette Kitchen and Bar | Newport Beach

Ask me what my favorite type of cuisine is and I will almost always exclaim FRENCH!!!
I love the aromas, I DIE for butter, and don’t even get me started on the plethora of stinky cheeses humminaaaa huminaaaaa. So when Traditions by Pascal closed earlier this year to make way for another dining establishment, my heart leaped out of my chest, plummeted on a nearby butcher block, and was bludgeoned to death by rusty cleavers knowing full well that yet another one bit the dust. Mind you, I don’t even think Traditions was that spectacular, but when 1 out of maybe 4 good French eats closes down around town, I scream bloody murder and weep until someone answers my call. 

Food Porn Friday | San Francisco Eats | Part I

I used to dream of living by the bay. The weather, the scene, the culture, the cuisine, there’s something so mysterious about a city constantly blanketed in fog. It’s a new experience every time I visit and this trip proved to reveal all the ten thousand and one reasons why I left my heart in San Francisco. Well, my heart and my appetite y’all…same ish, different beat, right? 

#JKID Project | Pasadena Boutique Hotel | Before and After

Who doesn’t love a good transformation?
The very reason why we tune into daytime talk shows especially when they’re featuring some sort of makeover…The very reason why HGTV’s on the top of my hit list…and why DIY network’s very close behind…From a complete gut renovation to some major architectural detailing…Here’s how I transformed a once outdated inn from super stale to fashionably FAB

#JKID Project | Pasadena Boutique Hotel | The Reveal

Hospitality design truly has my heart and soul. Though I may wander through commercial, nightclubs, bar, and high-end residential, I will never waver from the one that initially got me hooked. My first professional job right after grad was with a 4-5 star resort hotel firm designing international venues around the world. Having been trained to detail everything from concept to installation, from public areas to private guestrooms, from drafting in CAD to specifying in fixtures and furnishings, I always yearn for that ONE project to come along and sweep me off my feet as a reminder of WHY I really love this game. It’s the challenge y’all. And this one was no easy feat. 

Food Porn Friday | Ink. | Los Angeles

Boy are y’all in for quite a treat. I’m seriously salivating as I sit to reflect on one of those perfect LA meals where your tummy is dancing with joy as your wallet is swimming in sorrow. Yeah dude, Melrose eats don’t come cheap these days, but that’s what you get for stepping into the sanctuary of my all-time FAVE Top Chef winner to date. Michael Voltaggio (one half of the famed bros) opened INK in West Hollywood late last year and I couldn’t wait to taste test why Bravo deems him the baddest mutha’ of the bunch. Don’t know what it is about those ridiculously arrogant, culinary geniuses on the telly (Yes, Anthony Bourdain I’m talkin’ to you too)…gets me EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. *Le sigh* It’s true what they say; the way to a woman’s heart is clearly through her stomach. Peep it out below and tell me you’re not convinced of M.Volt’s brilliance by the time you get to the Burrata. Friggin’ AMAZEBALLZZZZZZZ! 

How to Set a Summer Table

It’s officially birthday week y’all! Tons of super fun shindigs in the works, but first…I’ve been clearing out the backyard for a little intimate gathering come Saturday so I’m hoping to have our fête look a little something like this: 

Food Porn Friday | The Iron Press | Costa Mesa

Sometimes a new restaurant opens in town, generates quite the buzz, but ultimately requires just a bit of time to refine. With a promising concept, super cool vibe, and an altogether scrumptious menu, the Iron Press is one of those hip happenin’ OC joints (from the creators of California Shabu-Shabu) where waffles are their claim-to-fame (think Bruxie’s) and everyone here knows your name. 

#JKID Event | Rockin' Hula Baby Shower Luau

From certified interior designer to expert event planner to bonafide baby shower specialist…Oman, the life and times of the consummate creative-type who wears many, many hats. This month, it’s party planning professional y'all. When you’ve got pitch perfect sunny SoCal weather pretty much every month out of the year, it’s especially festive to throw these events outdoors where lush greenery and vast landscape blend in to become a part of your décor. 

Coastal Living

Its days like these that I long to live by the beach. Summer fun means running on the sand, frolicking with my pups, drop top cruising down PCH…ahhhh totally nostalgic having grown up in Huntington Beach during my “definitive” years. The years I took for granted in adolescence, yet have been dreaming about every day since moving back to the ‘burbs. I figure if I can’t move back to the beach, best if I just bring it to closer to me. Lucite furniture, check! Outdoors> indoor, check! Cool, calm color story, check! Can’t you just smell the salty sea air??

Scenes from a Garden Party Bridal Shower

Spring is simply mahvelous this time of year in SoCal. Blue skies, birds chirping, flowers in bloom…Spent yesterday afternoon outdoors showering our gorgeous bride-to-be with a hat-themed party decked out in Sunday’s best. Peep below for highlights from yet another fashionably fabulous fête! Life is goooooood!

Food Porn Friday | A|O|C Restaurant and Wine Bar | Los Angeles

Happy Happy Friday y’all!
Hope your weekend is getting off to the most beautiful start!
I really love that LA is just a short car ride away. Living in the ‘burbs sure does have its perks when I’m frequently beckoned to the city to eat, shop, and repeat. Doesn’t hurt that the boy works smack dab in the midst of 90210, sure makes researching good eats that much sweeter when I know all the hotspots are on the west side. Today’s food porn comes courtesy of A|O|C, brainchild of Chef Suzanne Goin and Sommelier Caroline Styne, both of Lucques fame. 

Food Porn Friday | 1st Annual Chef's Bet Dinner

Not only are they total foodies (yes, like the rest of y'all I'm sure), but they live and die fine dining and haute cuisine. So much in fact that the losers of superfluous amounts of random bets are left to devise, conceptualize, cook, and execute multiple course meals with wine pairings, molecular gastronomy, gold leafed desserts…the whole SHABANG!

Food Porn Friday | An ode to Ikko Sushi | Costa Mesa

One of my greatest joys of living in OC is regular trips to my FAVE sushi joint in Costa Mesa. 
Ikko’s seriously MASTER CLASS y’all. I’ve probably dined over two dozen times (first blogged HERE) and each time is a different experience than the last. With a seasonally rotating menu reflecting whatever Chef Ikko Kobayashi’s into these days, I revel at the opportunity to visit once/twice/ or even 3 times a quarter, since I SWEAR my most memorable meals were spawned out of Ikko’s freestyle kitchen and sushi bar. 

Paillettes and Lace

I snagged this little glittery vintage paillette party top from the Long Beach flea just a few Sundays ago. There she was, glistening and gleaming in the midst of a commercial garment rack jammed in between polyester pant suits and other sequin thingamajigs just waiting for someone to love her. 

Haute Khuuture turns 2 today!!!

My how time flies!
Seems like just yesterday my little baby learned to crawl; now she’s soaring up to creatively new heights and I seriously couldn’t be more proud! I owe it all to YOU, my fierce, fabulous, fantastically stylish readers from near and afar!

Trend Spotting | Pastel Hues

I’ve been living in bright bold jewel tones and all out glamour for the past few years…it’s nice to finally tone it down a bit and let the serenity sweep me right into a new season. Loving lavender and pink, aqua, mint, and buttercream, a confection of candy colors all bathed in the glow of natural spring light. Such soothing hues getcha dreaming of relaxing in an exotic locale far far away…anyone else have a case of the Mondays??

Trend Spotting | Watercolor

I was literally DYING to use these watercolor prints from Black Crow studios to paper this project that I was working on (below); Alas, TV time does not quite convene with “real” time so we had to nix the look altogether and come up with an appropriate substitute for the 24 hours we were allotted to makeover the entire home. Can you imagine though? 

Food Porn Friday | Capital Seafood Dim Sum | Irvine

Loving the cold front that’s slowly moving into SoCal this week…Chilly mornings often call for one of my favorite meals: Piping hot plates of crispy football pork chews, bbq buns, some chicken feet, and xiao long bao all washed down with blistering pots of fresh Chrysanthemum tea. There’s just something about dishing and dining over dim sum that reminds me of my childhood and really starts the day off just right. A little nostalgia goes a long way in my book. It's all about sense memory, right?!

Scenes from a Spring-Inspired Baby Shower

Having been trained in hospitality design all these years, I’ve grown quite accustomed to months upon months of developing interior spaces to meet their fullest potential. It often takes years to complete an entire project so when opportunities arise to design mini-events like birthday parties and baby showers for my gal pals, I often delight at the chance and dare to dream BIG! A few measly weeks of planning sure beats years in the making y’all!

Food Porn Friday | The Playground | DTSA

More like a carnivore's paradise than the local foodie's playground if you ask me. Ordered one of everything on the menu and at one point, all the dishes started to taste the same. Good if you're into gamey meats since they lack the gamey taste, not so great if you're trying to distinguish the trout from the torchon. 

Trend Spotting | Vintage Maps


I've been itching to travel abroad since the new year began. Dreaming of going back to the motherland this Fall (up and down the entire Vietnam countryside) with all my besties, but in the meantime allowing my thoughts to randomly drift off to destinations I've already visited and those I've yet to see. 

Food Porn Friday | Bottega Louie | DTLA

Equal parts hip, downtown LA eatery, equal parts celebrity sightings it when Laker game nights call for early dinners of Portobello mushroom fries (MY ABSOLUTE FAVE), gourmet wood-fired pizzas (try the Burrata!), and a smorgasbord of delectable house-made desserts to finish it all off. 

Scenes from a Refinery 29 Hpnotiq Party | Las Vegas

So late last year (December 1st to be exact), Refinery 29 and luxe liquor brand Hpnotiq hosted this contest to see whose street style would win them a party in their hometown just in time for New Year's Eve. I literally scoured my archives for the best group shot of my Skittles sisters in our boldest and brightest party frocks, uploaded that sartorial sucker to R29, begged and pleaded to all my FB family/ friends/ community/ strangers for their votes, waited week after week to see our numbers skyrocket through the roof et Voilà...Here we are, one month later, lucky (and persistent) enough to be awarded the biggest, baddest Chinese New Year's bash in the City of Sin and basking in the glory of what can be accomplished when a group of party-savvy women put their minds to it. 

Trend Spotting | Pops of Color

With Lunar New Year looming just around the bend, I always make it a point to rearrange the corners of my home (and subsequently my mind) to mix things up a bit. It's totally a superstitious Asian thing (one I buy into every January it seems) to clean up the mess left behind by another bad year gone by. Yes 2011, I'm talkin' to YOU...

Trend Spotting | Tangerine Tango

Nothing like a bold, brash burst of this orangey-reddish hue to get my Monday started off right. This year's pick for Pantone color of the year has been seen on everything from runways to interiors, to home goods and bloggers alike. I'm already on board as scarlet's sassier little sis takes center stage this spring. Can't believe I'm saying this (still a bit sick, I think it's the meds talking), but can winter be over already???

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