Trend Spotting | Watercolor

I was literally DYING to use these watercolor prints from Black Crow studios to paper this project that I was working on (below); Alas, TV time does not quite convene with “real” time so we had to nix the look altogether and come up with an appropriate substitute for the 24 hours we were allotted to makeover the entire home. Can you imagine though? 

Food Porn Friday | Capital Seafood Dim Sum | Irvine

Loving the cold front that’s slowly moving into SoCal this week…Chilly mornings often call for one of my favorite meals: Piping hot plates of crispy football pork chews, bbq buns, some chicken feet, and xiao long bao all washed down with blistering pots of fresh Chrysanthemum tea. There’s just something about dishing and dining over dim sum that reminds me of my childhood and really starts the day off just right. A little nostalgia goes a long way in my book. It's all about sense memory, right?!

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