Outdoor Summer Spaces

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Now that we’ve narrowed down the tablescapes, let’s take a look at what the overall mood might feel like. Continuing on from this week's birthday plans, keep in mind that setting the ambience is just as important as setting the table. The devil may be in the details, but God is discovered by the sweeping statement y’all. Get both parts down and you’ve got yourself one helluva soirée! *Pun intended ;D 

Small mirrors, large mirrors...not just for interiors, use a variety of sizes to double up a gorgeous space. 


Paint an inexpensive garden trellis in bright bold blues and greens for a backdrop that screams outdoor fun! Bonus points when you can easily prop up vertical elements for visual appeal. 


Set an intimate seating arrangement in the midst of towering trees and foliage. Nature can really provide the MOST luxurious landscape for these types of events. 


And of course, my personal FAVE design elements always have some globally eclectic references attached to them. Totally makes spaces feel more lived in and not just cookie-cutter/ design-by-numbers/ plucked from a ZGallerie storefront aesthetic...wouldn't you agree?? 

Can't EVER resist me some Martyn Lawrence Bullard! So dang chic! 

Cheers to the start of my birthday weekend!

Happy Thursday y'all! 


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  1. These outdoor spaces are just gorgeous! I love how creative people get with it!

  2. I love the hanging candles and flowers - how beautiful! Great collection of photos.

  3. Hello Julie, thanks for stopping by :)
    WOW, your blog is awesome; gorgeous photos + very educative and informative. Wish I found out abot it sooner

    have a lovely day


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