Scenes from 'I Heart Panda' Bachelorette Bash | Part I

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Vegas is to SoCal what Miami is to NYC…TOTAL stomping grounds for everything pools, parties, and of course the obligatory drinking and debauchery. Couple that with 25 of the hottest hunnies straight from OC and you’ve got yourself one helluva celebration y’all! BIG CONGRATS to my little lovebug Linda ‘Panda’ who’s tying the knot in approximately 3 weeks! Dundundun….Here’s how it ALL went down! (Well, the PG version, at least ;) hehe).. 

FUN <3 FUN <3 FUN <3 
We Heart You Pandy- Poo!!!! Love forever!!!


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  1. Those panda rings are so fun!

  2. looks like an amazing time! hope you had fun! xo

  3. This just makes me think how I deffo need to go to Vegas. Nice pics.

  4. it looked like it was a great event! those panda rings are sooooo cute!

  5. Panda rings are so fun! And DUDE the figure on you!!!!!!! WOW!


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  7. This looks like soo much fun am well jealous love the panda rings <3 x

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  9. thanks for sharing.


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