7 Days of Decorating | Day 3

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

|Decorating with Glass| 

Every seasoned party planner knows that one of the best investments for any party décor is glass jars. You can instantly transform a space by filling the clear vessels with items relevant to your theme. 

Mix and match metallic ornaments, glitter dipped acorns, sequins and bling for a holiday fête and recycle the jars for flowers, fruit, candy or other fun trinkets every other day of the year. 


Love the look of tiny white lights nestled in glass...Adds a sophisticated layer of light to holiday decor and super duper cheap and easy to do. Use frosted glass jars for a more ambient glow or clear jugs for a down home cozy feel.


I love keeping varying sizes of glass vessels with lids close at hand. Perfect for filling up with a wintry wonderland complete with snow, flakes, and all the fixin's! 

images scanned from Instyle Mag

If red is a prominent color story in your theme, try keeping the styling simple with a few floating poinsettias in a large, low bowl or drop some food coloring in a tall vessel filled with water. The easiest way to add color without having to spend a fortune!

My tried-and-true rule of thumb: Spend now, save later; it’s all about sourcing multi-functional items that can work for any budget and style!

How do you decorate with glass jars for the holidays???


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  1. I have so many spare jams sitting on my kitchen.Thats a great idea!

  2. great ideas!
    I always love everything about christmas :)


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