7 Days of Decorating | Day 4

Thursday, November 29, 2012

|Decorating with Garland| 

Instead of traditional pine garlands I like to experiment with materials that you can find at a local dollar store. 


During the holidays, they stock TONS of paper lanterns, oversized tissue balls and 3-dimensional fold-out bells. Gather up at least a dozen in similar colors and string together with fishing line to attach the bunch to your hand rail.

scanned from Instyle Mag

Or simply wrap a feather boa with same-hued ornaments for a fabulous update on traditional decorations. I like using glass balls with different levels of sheen: one matte and one metallic strewn together for visual interest. Use clear fishing wire or jewelry string to keep the look tight and taut. 

For a girly/gauzy garland, I love this idea from Hayseed Homemakin'. Using small strips of tulle and lace, wrap an all white string with these soft transparent materials and watch as your home is totally transformed into a festival of light. Ideal for setting an airy feeling of romance and reverie. Tie around a stair banister, frame around windows, or simply set along a mantel and finish with an additional string of Christmas lights for an added glow. Cheap and oh-so-chic! 

We're halfway there y'all! 
3 more days of holiday decorating tips for less!!! 

How will you incorporate these garlands into your party planning??? 


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  1. I remember when that first image was on the over of House Beautiful! So fun:)


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