Winter Wallflower

Jewel-toned velvets…patterned floral...gothic romance…baroque and fabulous! If winter’s all about caving in while glamming out, sign me up for some lacy lingerie and pouty red lips honey! I’m hibernating ‘til the new year! 

60's Mod

Spent the weekend celebrating what seems to be a superfluous amount of birthdays. 
Wore this graphic Free Peeps number with the most groovy diamond pattern bordering on what some may refer to as Aztec meets Austin Powers. The key to wearing all-over pattern is keeping the silhouette simple and accessories free. For you petite gals out there, A-line minis are THE trick of the trade! Well, that and surrounding yourself with similar-sized beauties can’t hurt either. ;P 

Food Porn Friday | Vintage Enoteca | Los Angeles

The scene: Trendy. The cuisine: Tapas. The verdict: Eh. 
We dined at Vintage Enoteca right before catching the Book of Mormon at Pantages Theater in Hollywood. I always like to map out dining destinations according to proximity and yelp reviews…duh. As an “elite” Yelper myself (oh yeah, class of 2012 baby) I rely heavily on what my community thinks of the joint before even daring to venture myself.

Food Porn Friday | Jang Toh Korean Bar | Garden Grove

Most peeps don’t realize that Orange County’s got the BEST mix of Asian food all within a 15 mile radius. Starting in central Vietnam (aka 'Bolsa' to locals) you’ve got Vietnamese with Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Korean cuisine fanning out from there. Within a few blocks from Westminster you can find yourself smack dab in the midst of K-Town where Korean BBQ’s litter every block of Garden Grove Blvd. from Brookhurst to Beach and back. The little hidden gems are what I’m always on the lookout for and Jang Toh K-bar’s been one of those mainstays that I dine at time and time again.

Trend Spotting | Pairs of Chairs

I have a serious shopping problem y’all. 
When design’s your first love and fashion’s a VERY close second, you’re constantly on the lookout for new and notable items for clients, friends, family, and then yourself. The problem is that I see great value in purchasable items Makes “window shopping” seem a lot less virtual and far more realistic when my wallet’s on the receiving end. Oh le sigh. 'Tis the life of a designer. 

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